Homepreneurs Success Story – Liam Hughes Shard Jewelry

Want to be a successful and recognized home business owner?  Use personal interests and talent to develop a niche product for an in-demand industry.  Add strong marketing, branding, and customer service skills while using multiple channels for product distribution.

Homepreneurs recently attended the Galena County (Illinois) autumn arts and crafts show.  This show is large, with approximately 250 vendors and 40 to 50 thousand visitors over a weekend.  One of the vendors is Liam Hughes, a talented and savvy business owner who has developed a niche product unlike any we’ve seen. Liam uses broken pieces of china – found or purchased at auction – and creates jewelry with them.  His marketing is outstanding, using websites – http://www.liamshardjewelry.com/an online store, and appearances at shows throughout the country.

Liam has a degree in art education and previously owned a stained glass studio in upper Michigan.  “I began producing shard jewelry as an experiment to recycle some damaged antique china with friends in 2002. The tests were well-received and Lamplighter Studio/Liam Shard Jewelry was born. I’ve spend many hours mastering my craft and have expanded my collection to include pins, pendants, bracelets and custom beadwork sets. Twice a year, I unveil my new collections at Spring and Winter Shows held every April and November. Meanwhile, I also sell my work at select craft shows, private home showings, and in my online store.”

Hughes is very educated about his product and its history: “My shard jewelry finds its roots in the folk art known as Pique Assiette, French for “stolen from the plate.” The art form was first recognized in Africa where pottery vessels were used to mark the graves of their previous owners. Later, the Victorians placed broken china on jars and vases to make memory jugs. Today, broken china continues to be recycled into tabletops, picture frames and a variety of other items…all forms of Pique Assiette.”  When asked about his more remarkable pieces, he cites an action purchase of broken china from Katherine Hepburn’s estates


Liam Hughes is a prime example of a successful Homepreneurs business.  Turning a personal interest (and education) into a niche product in the arts and crafts world, Hughes has successfully marketed and branded his product.  The name recognition of Liam Hughes Shard Jewelry is significant and has gained a loyal following.  Hughes also accepts pieces of broken china and turn them into art for customers.

Homepreneurs wishes Liam much success in his future efforts and wherever they may lead.

By Dion D. Shaw

Dion D. Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs.

Homepreneurs.  New Day.  New Opportunity.

Images by Dion Shaw


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