Turn a Blog into a Book

June 27, 2018

Are you a writer?  With a blog?  Interested in creating a book or eBook with content?  I did some research and testing, and found a site that converts blogs into Word or PDF format.  PDF and Word files are easily converted into ePub or MOBI format for SmashWords, Amazon or Google.  The formatting isn’t perfect and images are low resolution in free mode, but from the pages of this WordPress blog, I created a full PDF document with a few clicks.  Below is a screen shot with part of the table of contents:

Blog to Book

My PDF document is 74 pages long after conversion.  PDFs are easily converted to ePub or MOBI format for eBook or eReader use.  Kindle eReaders prefer MOBI, something to consider when preparing an eBook for sale at Amazon.  SmashWords prefers ePub but accepts versions of Word, RTF, PDF and more.  PDF is generally safe for all self-publishing efforts.

This post doesn’t cover details for eBook formatting, but less complex text documents are better for publishing.  Word has many hidden formatting features that may cause issues when publishing eBooks.

Blog to Book with BlogBooker

Some plugins for WordPress claim to convert blogs to eBook formats, but don’t always work as advertised.  I found and tested BlogBooker and the ToC results are above.  The website has a very simple and free process.  The home page is below.  Clicking on the blue “Make your BlogBook” starts the program.

book to blog

Bloggers can choose content from WordPress, Blogger, Medium, Twitter, Tumblr, TypePad and LiveJournal.  Simply select the desired platform, register with an email address, and follow the simple instructions.  Choose from Microsoft Word or PDF for the final format, choose convert, and in minutes, receive a full PDF or Word document that may be converted into an eBook.

BlogBooker Limits

BlogBooker isn’t perfect, but it is a good tool.  Below is a clip from one of the pages I converted.  Note that each of the bullet points converted into numbers.  Each was a hyperlink in the blog post, but not in the PDF.  Be sure to carefully proofread the converted product.  BlogBooker can also be used to see what a completed conversion looks like and writers can adjust accordingly.

book to blogBlogBooker only allows a few conversions for free.   BlogBooker has paid plans that allow higher resolution pictures and unlimited conversions. Prices range from $19.00 (basic) to $79.00 for premier.  Payment in U.S. dollars, British Pounds or € Euros.


Homepreneurs has instructions for step-by-step publishing on Smashwords and on Kindle/Amazon.  Google instructions will be a future post.

Creating an eBook-ready document is simple with BookBlogger.  Self-publishing is easy on the major publishing websites.  All instructions are written on Homepreneurs.  Everything is free.

And the best part?  When the eBook sells, you get paid.  Month after month after month.  Do very little work and earn passive income via royalties for years.

Please leave any questions or feedback in the comments.  I’m happy to answer questions.



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eBooks Are the Ultimate Home Business

September 7, 2013

eBooks are selling like crazy.  SmashWords just published its 250,000th independent book.

Writing eBooks isn’t hard or expensive.  Take what you know and write it out.  This link has tips and tricks for you to use.

eBooks Are the Ultimate Home Business

SmashWords Graphic

My eBook Sales – an Update

April 29, 2013

Homepreneurs suggests that eBooks are an excellent home business idea.  As you know, I’ve published a few on SmashWords and Kindle.  I received my first quarterly checks from both SmashWords and Kindle (Amazon).  As promised, this is an update of my eBook sales.  This isn’t a great deal of money – around $22.00.  Considering my books are generally priced at $.99 and I see $.76 or less, maybe not too bad?  Also, some of these books were published mid-quarter, modified and re-published.

The reason for telling you this is that I want to prove to you that it is possible to make money from eBooks and it is a real home business.  I did not leave my house to create either of these books.  All research, writing, and publishing was done at home.

The best part of eBooks is the ability to sell via multiple distributors – SmashWords, Apple, Kobo, Diesel, Barnes and Noble, Kindle,etc.  These books are available forever and I expect to continue to sell copies for some time.

One more time: If I can do this – you can do this!

Kindle Reader

Kindle Reader

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New! Send to Readmill Widget

April 15, 2013

Nice! Blog to Book in a click!

The WordPress.com Blog

If you’re an author or an independent publisher, check out our new Send to Readmill widget, which makes it easy to get your prose into your readers’ iPads and iPhones. Readmill is an ebook reader that not only offers a clean, elegant reading experience, it allows you to highlight and share passages with others and discover new books to read.

Here’s how to set up the Send to Readmill widget on your WordPress.com blog:

Go to Appearance >> Widgets and locate the Send to Readmill widget:


Click and drag the widget to the location you’d like it to appear on your site. Your sidebar is a great choice, which will allow visitors to see it more easily.

Configure your Send to Readmill widget by adding a custom title, the direct link to the location of your PDF or epub, and a URL to a page that describes your book in…

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Happiness is … Worth $.76!

April 7, 2013

I received another notice that a book sold.  I’ve sold a few dozens books.  Not going to make me wealthy, but that wasn’t the idea.  I knew that a $.99 price point would never make me tons of money.  I am very satisfied and happy that somebody actually wants to read what I wrote.  Definitely worth more than $.76 to me.

I’ve written before and will state again – writing and self-publishing eBooks is not a way to make a fortune, generally.  But, the self-satisfaction and any extra income is GOLDEN.  Write about business, history, fiction, erotica or anything..  Just write and follow our instructions to self-publish on Kindle and SmashwordsIf I can – you can.  Just do it!

Here are the details received in email from SmashWords:

Dear Dion,

Per your request, we’re writing to notify you someone has purchased your book:

Title Qty List Price Coupon Price Paid Gift Discount Proceeds
10 Home Business Ideas for under $100 1 $0.99 None $0.99 $0.00 $0.76

Total items: 1
Total proceeds: $0.76

Time: 2013-04-06 11:40:48 PT
Transaction id: 8DR30865CW181662X


The Smashwords Team, https://www.smashwords.com

By Dion Shaw

Dion Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs

Homepreneurs.  New Day.  New Opportunity.


Homepreneurs does not endorse nor have any relationships with any of the services listed (Homepreneurs is published on Kindle and SmashWords).  Homepreneurs receives no compensation or consideration for its suggestions or recommendations.  Homepreneurs strongly urges all interested parties to conduct research and accepts no responsibility for any losses incurred.

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Tips for Publishing on SmashWords

March 21, 2013

Not long ago, we stressed that self-publishing was a great idea and home business opportunity.  Since, we’ve done a number of articles on the topic.  Here is an expert’s helpful suggestions for formatting and getting published!

5 Makeover Tips for Getting your Book Sales on Track

March 6, 2013

The recent Smashwords promotion was good.  Personally, I picked up at least a dozen free eBooks ranging from nutrition to mystery.  I’ve also “sold” a dozen or so copies of my own eBooks, thanks to the free promotion.  For those authors that aren’t quite selling at top levels, take a good look at these tips.

The following is advice from Mark Coker, founder and CEO of Smashwords.com, a leading Indie eBook distributor.  Mr. Coker, himself a successful author, provides these tips for writers with less than expected sales numbers.  While his suggestions are no guarantee of success, one must consider the significance of the source!  Further, if your book isn’t moving, does it hurt to try something else?

Makeover Tip #1 – Look at your reviews at Smashwords, Apple, B&N and Amazon.  Ignore the reviews from friends and family, they don’t count.  Average them up.  How many stars are you getting out of five?  Readers are a picky bunch and some will naturally complain or give bad reviews.  Don’t be put off by this.  Anything published for public view is subject to opinions from all, good or bad.  The aggregate rating is what to look for.

Makeover Tip #2 – Redo your Cover Image.  If your book’s reviews are averaging over four stars, yet the book isn’t selling, your cover is probably the problem.  This was the case last year for Smashwords author R.L. Mathewson.  She was earning fabulous “WOW” reviews from readers, yet she was only selling a few copies a day (even still, a few copies a day is way above average for most authors).  Read the interview with R.L. here.

When she upgraded her cover images, her books immediately took off and hit the N.Y. Times bestseller list.  Great reviews plus a great cover can make all the difference.  A great cover image makes a promise to the reader.  A poor cover image chases potential readers away.  Does your cover make a promise?

Here’s a quick test, and a challenge:  If you were to strip away the title and author name, does the image tell the reader, “this is the book you’re looking for to experience [the feeling of first love for romance; fear for horror; edge of your seat suspense for thrillers; knowledge for a non-fiction how-to; an inspiring story of personal journey for a memoir, etc].”

Makeover Tip #3 – Is your book priced too high?  When a book is priced too high, it makes the book less affordable to the reader. If you’re an unknown author, it makes the reader less willing to take a chance on you.  For readers who could afford it, the high price can makes the book less desirable when there are alternative books of equal quality at less cost.  Last year, when we conducted a comprehensive study of the impact of price on unit downloads and gross sales, we found that lower prices moved more unit sales than higher prices (no surprise there).  We found $1.99 and below underperformed in terms of gross sales (unit sales * price).  We found books priced at $2.99 earned slightly more than books priced over $10.00, yet enjoyed six times as many unit sales.

Makeover tip #4 – Look at your sampling to sales conversion ratio.  The Smashwords store has a little-known feature I think is entirely unique in the ebook retailing world:  We tell you how many partial samples were downloaded.  If you click to your Dashboard, you’ll see a column for book sales and a column for downloads.  The download count is a crude metric, but if you understand how it works, you’ll be able to use it as a relatively good tool.  This data is only for sales and downloads in the Smashwords store.

Makeover Tip 5 – Are you targeting the right audience?  As a writer, you’re never going to satisfy every reader.  That’s okay.  Don’t try.  Readers who love horror novels may not love romance.  Know your target audience, and then make sure your title, book cover, book description, categorization and marketing are all aligned to target that audience with fine-tuned precision.  If you send the wrong messages, you’ll fail to attract the right readers.  Instead, you’ll attract the wrong reader, and the wrong reader will give you poor reviews.  Again, I’ll use my own novel as an example (since I’m not afraid to illustrate my mistakes!).  Early in our novel, a dead body is discovered, so there’s a bit of a mystery about who did it.  It’s a minor plot point, and the book isn’t categorized as mystery.  However, at one time in 2011, our book description played up the mystery surrounding the murder.  For at least one reader, after she read the description she downloaded the book thinking it was a murder mystery.  It’s not.  It’s a book about the dark side of Hollywood celebrity.

Tip 5 – Pride goes before the fall.  It’s tough being a writer.  You pour your heart and soul into your words, and then lay your words bare before the world to judge.  It takes bravery and confidence to publish.   Speaking from personal experience, it’s heartbreaking to receive your first one-star review.  We all get them.

To press forward as a writer, we have to decide what we can learn from, and what we can ignore.  Find your strength from your five-star reviews (we have those too!), and carefully find your inspiration about where you might improve from the negative reviews.  I try to learn something from every review, even if I don’t agree with it.  Some writers, after receiving such scathing criticism, might feel inclined to curl up in a fetal position, unpublish their books, and give up.  Never give up!

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