Kroger is hiring 14,000 Part-time Workers for the holidays

November 18, 2017

Information released last week – Kroger, the national grocery chain – is hiring 14,000 workers for psrt-time seasonal positions.

“The Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR) today announced that it is hiring for an estimated 14,000 part-time and seasonal roles across its family of companies this holiday season. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply at “

Kroger has over 9 million customers in its more than 2700 stores in 35 states.

Need money for the holidays or a new opportunity?  Try Kroger.


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2015 Google EBook Earnings

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2015 Ebook Earnings

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Winter Business Idea

November 28, 2015

I live in Chicagoland and that means snow in the winter. Snow – sometimes a lot – provides a simple business idea for winter – snow removal. From clearing sidewalks and driveways to driving a pick-up truck with a snow blade in front, you can make serious money in areas that get snow and ice.


Chicago already had a snow storm two weeks ago and our area got about 12 inches of the heavy white stuff. Snow might look nice falling and when it first covers the ground, but pulling out the snowblower and having it ice up because of wet snow and cold temperatures is no fun.

I guarantee people will pay you to do the work for them. This is true of businesses, too. Parking lots needed clearing and salt put down to dissolve the ice. Slips and falls on private property often end up in court. Nobody wants to deal with that mess.

The next time it snows, put on your cold weather gear and look at your neighbors for opportunities. Odds are good that if they are older or if people are at work, they won’t want to come home and have to clear the drive in the dark and cold. Charge them a reasonable rate and be sure to cover your fuel cost and any maintenance issue. Snow removal – a perfect start-up business idea for winter.

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