Give a new life to your old clothes — Green Dreams

October 8, 2018

We all find ourselves with clothes that have gone out of style, no longer fit, or look like they’ve seen better days. But think twice before throwing your old clothes away. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that textiles make up approximately 5% of landfills. However, as much as 95% of clothes thrown away could […]

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What I have tried for Passive Income: Thrift Store Flipping

September 27, 2018

Great idea from Ken’s Passive Income Journey

Sell4Bids: Sell and Buy used Stuff — Sell4bids

September 18, 2018

Sell4Bids is the best Marketplace to sell and buy used stuff locally. Dinner cool online Auction and bidding system to list your items. You can offer your items in a moment or two, I am utilizing this most recent application to sell used stuff and I am getting the best reaction. Inside no time I […]

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TV and Movie Extras

August 13, 2018

Want to be in pictures but don’t have George Clooney’s looks or Sarah Michelle Gellar’s body?  Be an extra!  Almost all productions need extras to round out the cast.  A friend of mine, who lives on Chicago’s south side, appears in many episodes of Chicago Med and Chicago Fire and PD.  He managed to get a extra slot on Transformers and Death Wish – the remake.  Wayne gets paid for every appearance, whether he appears on screen or not.  Most productions pay $100 per day or more.

In Wayne’s words: “For CHICAGO FIRE or CHICAGO MED, I have to go to their Facebook pages, which can be updated every few hours. All they ever asked of me was a head shot and a full body shot, one in formal wear and one in regular clothes. It had to be a solid background, so I just stood against the wall at my gym.”

Dick Wolf, the Chicago show’s producer uses Empire Casting.  Many larger cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, NYC, Toronto, Miami, and others, will use different casting agencies.  Google search ones near you or check on Facebook.

The days can be long, up to 10 hours or more.  Wayne says to be on time, dressed as requested, and stay away from the filming areas, unless requested.  Don’t beg autographs from the actors, either.

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Start These Businesses in any Economy

August 3, 2018

Eventually, the U.S. economy will fall into recession.  Those are never fun, but there are always some safe jobs: police, doctors, teachers, firefighters, garbage collectors, etc.

The same is true for some businesses.  People make money with inventions and improvements on existing products.  Enter the home business owner and entrepreneur.  The small company is able to adjust and adapt to alternative lifestyles.   Here are a few home business ideas to consider:

– Sewing: In bad economic times, instead of buying new, people alter existing clothes, uniforms or furniture coverings.  There are also opportunities working with people that have physical challenges including: wheelchair bound, severe arthritis, women that had mastectomies, and soldiers wounded in combat.  Each often requires customized clothing, ideal for a Homepreneur business in sewing.  Do some research on The Home Sewing Association website: .

– Hauling: The modern hauler does not always have a pick up truck that roams your neighborhood on garbage day.  Modern haulers often use trike bikes to pick up and deliver small loads – typically under 500 pounds – to various local businesses.  These 3-wheeled bikes are modified to include a platform or storage box over the rear wheels.  Either manually operated or battery assisted, these delivery vehicles are environmentally friendly and take up less room on crowded streets.  Haulers make money from services and from sorting through junk to find valuable items to recycle or sell.  A franchise for haulers :  and junktiquecollector.

home business to start in any economy

– Custom Bicycle Making and Repair:  Start this business if you are interested in providing the trike bikes that haulers will use.  Further, electric-assisted bicycles and scooters and more are increasingly popular as are trikes for an aging population that still likes to cycle.  Some websites to look at are: , , and (for taking custom orders).

– Home Repair Services: Home repair services are always in-demand in good times or bad.  Local home repair is less expensive than large companies and offer superior customer service.  A warning: some states and local governments limit the size and type of work that independent home repair services may do.  Check local and state regulations before starting a job.  Always carry insurance against claims.  Sites to reference are: and .

Pawn shops: When times get tough, people need cash.  Pawn stores and shops are one way to get easy money.   There are many store fronts empty, at least in my area.  Set up a pawn shop and people will come to you.

Each of the above businesses are easily set up and managed from the home, making them classic Homepreneur opportunities. As mentioned before, perform market research to discover competition and appropriate pricing.

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