Put Your Money Where Your Blog Is: Should You Pay for Traffic?

August 7, 2013

Pay for traffic to your blog?


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Even those of us who blog for purely personal reasons appreciate some validation, whether comments, likes, or just pageviews. Encouraging that feedback is one of the most frustrating things for many bloggers; when we hit “publish,” we want to see the little bar graph go up, up, and away and when we don’t, it’s discouraging. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what readers respond to — a labor of love sinks like a stone, while a five-minute rant makes the rounds on Twitter.

Looking to give your site a boost and reach new audiences? From a custom domain to advanced SEO tools and more design options, there’s a WordPress.com plan that’s right for you.

There’s plenty of advice on attracting and engaging readers (some of it from us), most of which requires time and effort without guaranteed success . . . although there is one foolproof method: pay for traffic…

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More Traffic to your WordPress Blog

June 9, 2013

Homepreneurs recently posted about using a blog for home business start up exposure.  Start ups want as much traffic as possible to build name recognition and business “buzz”.  Starting a blog is not enough – people won’t visit automatically.  Keywords, website links, SEO and many other factors are involved.

Need or want more visitors to your WordPress blog?  Try these tips recommended by the fine folks here at WordPress.com support:

Getting more views and traffic


First Month Blog Results

September 1, 2010

We are very pleased at the number of views of this blog over the past 60 days.  Our first post was on July 2; the most recent today.  During this period, WordPress calculated our blog statistics as follows:

Blog Stats Summary Tables

Total views: 530

Busiest day: 29 — Thursday, August 12, 2010

Views today: 22


Posts: 45

Comments: 10

Categories: 28

Tags: 141

The total number of views – 530 – represent either unique or return visitors; any visit to this blog by the authors is not tabulated.  This number is even more significant considering no press release, no linked blogs, and limited social networking  – Twitter only – due to time constraints!

Most importantly, this blog proves a very relevant concept: Using Internet blogs and related social networks can drive traffic to see your product and/or service offering.  Increased visits result in increases in exposure and ultimately bring business.  Best of all, this service is FREE!  Why not try a test run – create your own blog or site – and verify that your business idea has a market???

Thank, thank, thank you for stopping by, reading our posts, leaving comments or sending messages.  We are hopeful that you find these posts valuable and interesting.  This blog is intended to assist you in planning and running or prod you toward starting your own business.  If you would like us to blog on a specific idea or topic, please leave a comment or email at homepreneurs@gmail.com.

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