Test Website Display Problems with Quirktools

May 6, 2013

Does your website or blog get complaints from visitors because of how it displays on the screen?  Homepreneurs sometimes gets comments that a page or post doesn’t show up well in a browser.

Several reasons this might happen:

– Your screen resolution is too low.  Try increasing the resolution.  Right click on an empty area of the desktop window and from the menu, choose “screen resolution”.  You will see this window:


Change the resolution settings as needed.

– Your Internet browser is outdated.  The major browsers are: Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox (Mozilla), Safari (Apple), and Chrome (Google).  Each has several versions available and patches within those versions.  Yours may be out of date.  Download and install the latest update possible.

– The display adapter or BIOS drivers need updating.  Go to the computer manufacturers website – Dell.com, HP.com, Sony.com, Lenovo.com, Toshiba.com, Acer.com, etc. and look for the support and drivers tab.  Many websites have automatic detection to check your adapter settings.

If these three steps aren’t working, try using Quirktools to give you a general idea of what a website looks like on various size screens.  Below are two example of Quirktools page and how Homepreneurs is displayed, the first on a regular monitor, the second on a tablet.  Quirktools has many options available.  Try testing your own website.



One of these solutions should resolve your display issue.  If not, you may be using a browser that is incompatible with the website or blog display.  Try using one of the other major browsers to see if this corrects the issue.

By Dion D. Shaw

Dion D. Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs

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