Your Website Needs a Sitemap

September 5, 2013

A site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to Internet browser crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for Web design, or a Web page that lists the pages on a Web site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion.

Your Website Needs a Sitemap



Using AdSense to Make Money for a Website or Blog

August 27, 2013

Homepreneurs recently blogged about using Google analytics for a website.  In this post, we discuss making money from Google’s AdSense.  For the full article, please read on…

Below is a snapshot of an AdSense report for Homepreneurs website –  This report is only for a few days and no conclusions should be drawn, positive or negative.

AdSense Report

AdSense Report

Homepreneurs website is  Homepreneurs has a blog at, a Facebook page –, a Twitter site –, a tumblr site –, a Pinterest presence –, and a LinkedIn page (Homepreneurs).

Estimate Your Website Value

July 17, 2013

Websites are more than the price paid or domain name registration cost. has an estimated value of around $19,000,000 based on income generated per day, etc. has a estimated net worth of around $7,500,000.

How is website value calculated?  According to, “ is worth $7,490,928.94 based on our estimate that it receives 6,904,082 impressions per day, and earns probably close to or more than $24,164.29 each day.”

By contrast, is estimated to be worth a meager $818.47.  This actually isn’t bad since I’ve only invested $500 or so into purchases and development effort.  Homepreneurs was never intended to be a money-maker, it was a graduate school project that exceeded expectations.

If you are interested in finding out what your website – or any other – may be worth, go to and enter the domain name into the text box below.


Enter the domain name – e.g. and click on submit.  A brief calculation will yield:

Homepreneurs website estimate indicates it can calculate estimated worth for about 1.9 million websites.  What is your website’s value?

By Dion D. Shaw

Dion Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs

Homepreneurs.  New Day.  New Opportunity.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly

April 18, 2013

The number of tablet computers and smartphones is growing at an  astounding rate.  There are currently about 1 billion smartphones around the world with another billion expected in the next 3 years.  And those are just smartphone statistics!  Add in the tablet numbers and more often than not, people are using mobile devices for work and entertainment.

Is your home or small business website ready for mobile users?  If you want to sell from your site, it better be!  Home and small business need to be flexible, nimble, and ahead of the technology curve. If you are not, competition will be and you will lose sales.

What to do?

Start by reading this article –;siu-container



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Fast and Free Website With

January 28, 2013

Last week, we blogged about getting a free website through and this post shows you another free deal on a website, this one through  It is also very easy to use, based on drag and drop.  Perfect for Home Business, Webs starts with 6 pages: Home, About us, Photo Gallery, FAQ, Contact Us, and Testimonials.  Each can be changed as needed or desired.  The theme of the website can also be changed even after the initial selection.

Free website through

Free website through

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Create a Fast, Free Website with Wix

January 16, 2013

Your home business needs a website – fast and cheap.  Here is a great idea –  For testing purposes, I built and published a test website within 20 minutes.  Wix provided a one page site for free and muti-page sites are available too with Home, Bio, News & Events, Books, and Contact pages.   If using the free version, you will have to accept minor advertising, a horizontal banner ad at the bottom of the page.

After completing the editing, click on publish and answer a few basic questions to complete the SEO process for search engines.  The test web page I created is .  Click on that link and it will take you to:

Homepreneurs Wix Page

homepreneurs wix site

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Get Paid to Test Websites from Home

July 2, 2012

This is not a get rich quick job, but a way to make a little extra money on the side to help family finances.  Website owners need to view their websites on various browsers to see how they look.  Website owners also need testers to ensure the site is user-friendly and error-free.  Companies like the ones listed below are hired to design testing and provide reporting to the website owner.  These testing companies contract with interested and qualified applicants to follow testing criteria.  Testing often involves navigating a test website while speaking into a headset and describing the experience.  Testers get paid for websites they test.  This is a great work at home opportunity and can often be done during spare time or at ones convenience.

Website testing companies

User Testing


–        Must be at least 18 years old

–        Must own a PC or Mac (with OS X 10.5 or higher)

–        Must have a broadband Internet connection (cable, DSL or satellite)

–        Fill out a one-page from with demographic information (age range, gender, experience, etc.)

–        Must use User Testing’s browser-based screen recorder to record screen shots and verbal comments while navigating a test website

–        Have a PayPal account

Get paid $10 for 15 to 20 minutes of testing work!!



–        Anyone with an Internet connection and a microphone

–        Fill out a demographic profile

–        Have a PayPal account

Get paid $10 for 10-15 minutes of testing!!

Try My UI


–        Provide demographic information

–        Create a sample usability video

–        Prove sample written usability summary about your experience

–        Have a PayPal account unless getting paid through Amazon Turk

Get paid $10 for 15-20 minutes testing!!

User Feel


–        Register and take the sample test

–        Speak clearly into a microphone

–        Explain confusion if found

–        Answer questions in writing at end of test

–        Have a PayPal account

Get paid $10 per test, up to $100 to $200 per month!!

Please note that these jobs are in high demand.  Requests for testing are based off user profiles.  Testing companies don’t want young men giving opinions on women’s shoes.

These companies will likely offer a few tests per week, not multiple tests per day.  It is not a full-time job, but a way to make extra money from home.

By Dion D. Shaw

Dion D. Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs

Homepreneurs.  New Day.  New Opportunity.


Homepreneurs does not endorse nor have any relationships with any of the services listed.  Homepreneurs receives no compensation or consideration for its suggestions.  Homepreneurs strongly urges all interested parties to conduct research and accepts no responsibility for any losses incurred.

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