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August 13, 2018

Want to be in pictures but don’t have George Clooney’s looks or Sarah Michelle Gellar’s body?  Be an extra!  Almost all productions need extras to round out the cast.  A friend of mine, who lives on Chicago’s south side, appears in many episodes of Chicago Med and Chicago Fire and PD.  He managed to get a extra slot on Transformers and Death Wish – the remake.  Wayne gets paid for every appearance, whether he appears on screen or not.  Most productions pay $100 per day or more.

In Wayne’s words: “For CHICAGO FIRE or CHICAGO MED, I have to go to their Facebook pages, which can be updated every few hours. All they ever asked of me was a head shot and a full body shot, one in formal wear and one in regular clothes. It had to be a solid background, so I just stood against the wall at my gym.”

Dick Wolf, the Chicago show’s producer uses Empire Casting.  Many larger cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, NYC, Toronto, Miami, and others, will use different casting agencies.  Google search ones near you or check on Facebook.

The days can be long, up to 10 hours or more.  Wayne says to be on time, dressed as requested, and stay away from the filming areas, unless requested.  Don’t beg autographs from the actors, either.

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