Quotes from a Young Old Soul

I follow several other blogs and read the better ones often.  One of these is via another blog I have on WP.  These quotes are so inspiring, so rough yet eloquent, so  “right” for life that I must share them.  With her permission of course.

Scarlet by Night is in her mid-20’s, lives down under, and had a rough go as a youth.  Read these words, cut and paste them on your mirror, desk, front door or wherever you can see them every damn day.  Memorize them.  Live them.


– the cheaper things in life are high in fat and low in benefit

 – Failure is more the rule than the exception, you and I will fail many times, the ones who succeed learn, they take the lesson, shrug off the bruise and keep moving.

– You want to be a success, you want something from life? Well, then get off your arse and learn to take a few punches, yes you’ll fail, people will disappoint you but no amount of reading your star signs and taking tickets out in the lotto will bring you want you want.

– There was never a script to your life that you where not the writer, no single book, no motto, no advice from mummy that will get you through any situation that will crop up

– You do the work in your life, hopes and dreams are just that, if you want a beautiful garden then its going to take work, grotty hands and the occasional splinter from trimming your rose bush.

Whether business or life, these 5 quotes are life and someone who has figured life out.

Rose picture by Dion D. Shaw, all rights reserved


2 Responses to Quotes from a Young Old Soul

  1. tizbet says:

    Very inspirational!

    Thanks for posting!

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