Some horror youth unemployment statistics for European countries

And the United states isn’t much better


Youth unemployment in EuropeThe benefit, if that’s what you can call it, of some weekend ‘googling’ turns up some horror statistics on Unemployment in Europe [The table is from the Eurostat press release of 1st October]. It’s the youth unemployment numbers that shock, which sadly includes the UK’s poor performance too. [Click on Eurostat table to expand, The key is  below ].

The EU28 includes Belgium (BE), Bulgaria (BG), the Czech Republic (CZ), Denmark (DK), Germany (DE), Estonia (EE), Ireland (IE), Greece (EL), Spain (ES), France (FR), Croatia (HR), Italy (IT), Cyprus (CY), Latvia (LV), Lithuania (LT), Luxembourg (LU), Hungary (HU), Malta (MT), the Netherlands (NL), Austria (AT), Poland (PL), Portugal (PT), Romania (RO), Slovenia (SI), Slovakia (SK), Finland (FI), Sweden (SE) and the United Kingdom (UK). The table also includes Iceland (IS), Norway (NO).

The truly shocking numbers are:

  • Greece where youth unemployment is at 61.5%
  • Spain at 56.0%
  • Croatia at 52.0%
  • Italy at 40.1%
  • Cyprus…

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