More SEO Tips – hosted with Blue Host – uses a SEO service to improve its search engine optimization effort. I thought I’d share some of the tips that I see for improving SEO:

  • A meta description has been specified, but it does not contain the target keyword / phrase.
  • The page title contains keyword / phrase, but it does not appear at the beginning; try and move it to the beginning.

SEO Process

  • The specified meta description is over 156 characters, reducing it will ensure the entire description is visible. The available space is shorter than the usual 155 characters because Google will also include the publication date in the snippet.
  • The keyword / phrase appears in the URL for this page.
  • Keyword / keyphrase appears in 1 (out of 1) subheadings in the copy. While not a major ranking factor, this is beneficial.
  • The images on this page contain alt tags with the target keyword / phrase.
  • This page has 7 outbound link(s).
  • The keyword density is 2.54%, which is great, the keyword was found 10 times.
  • The page title is more than 40 characters and less than the recommended 70 character limit.
  • There are 396 words contained in the body copy, this is more than the 300 word recommended minimum.
  • You’ve never used this focus keyword before, very good.
  • The keyword appears in the first paragraph of the copy.

You don’t need to hire a special service to improve your SEO.  Just follow some simple tips, like the ones above.


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