Top Blog Search Terms or An Example of Long-Tail SEO

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David Cummings on Startups

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been a mainstay of web marketing for over a decade and the basics are well understood. Now, SEO is very much an arms race where things are constantly changing, so there are always new techniques. One aspect that has held steady is long-tail SEO where people search for specific phrases, often with little search volume, that result in targeted site traffic.

For this blog, here are the top search terms over the last 30 days, listed in order of traffic:

  • benefitfocus ipo
  • ringcentral ipo
  • benefitfocus
  • one page strategic plan
  • jimmy johns how much is enough
  • kpi spreadsheet
  • publicly traded saas companies
  • benefitfocus s-1
  • 9 building blocks
  • how much is enough jimmy johns
  • office layout ideas
  • startup ideas
  • office floor plans
  • open office ideas
  • simple marketing budget template
  • marketing budget layout
  • v2mom
  • difference between employee and employer
  • ringcentral s-1
  • how much is enough story
  • client services…

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