Homepreneurs New Website

As mentioned earlier, Homepreneurs has added a website – homepreneurs.net – to its blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.  This website is more flexible and will be easier for our readers to use and navigate.  As always, all articles and postings are free.  You will notice the navigation is similar, but expands on this blog.  We welcome your comments, opinions, and thoughts.

We plan to use this blog as both a preview platform and for shorter posts or temporary articles.  The website will have full articles and more static content.  Important content will duplicate on both.  Breaking and critical news will display on the blog.

Homepreneurs.net website

Homepreneurs was launched during the big recession and is designed to provide our readers with information needed to start and run a home business.  Many home business ideas are available along with success stories about people who have started a home business.

Homepreneurs firmly believes that running a business is the future.  With unemployment rates still high and expected to stay that way, a home business is likely very necessary.  We are here to help you achieve your business and career goals.

With best wishes,

Dion Shaw

Homepreneurs.  New Day.  New Opportunity.


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