Share This With Your Biz Start-up Friends!

I bet you know what it’s like to find a deal so good that you can’t wait to share it with your friends.

Well, I’ve got just such a deal for you.

Jeff Williams, Homeprenenurs new business start-up expert, has been sharing  insider tips and techniques with you for a couple of weeks. And judging by the number of new people reading our blog and our Twitter feeds, many of you are finding these articles very helpful.

Well, Jeff is the kind of guy who is always looking to see what new tool, resource or technique he can offer to his start-up clients. He very much understands the “what’s in it for me” factor when working with clients.

And so, Jeff gave me a buzz late last week and told me that he is so impressed with the motivation of Homepreneurs readers that he’d love to personally lead the next session of the Start Your Business NOW! Start-Up School.

A busy consultant, Jeff’s travel schedule rarely permits him to personally lead a Start NOW! School anymore, so this is a very special treat for all of you new entrepreneurs who are raring to get up and running.

Jeff will launch the 8-week Start Your Business NOW! Start-Up School on Thursday, August 1st.

And he’ll be sharing his twenty-five years of business start-up experience JUST WITH HOMEPRENEURS READERS.

And don’t forget Jeff is offering the course at special low price to celebrate his twenty-fifth anniversary of coaching successful new business owner.

Don’t Delay. Take advantage of Jeff’s Great Offer NOW!

Follow this to learn more:

Dion Shaw, Homepreneurs & Jeff Williams, BizStarters



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