Two Years for a Startup to Start Humming

David Cummings on Startups

Launching a startup is one thing. To actually get it humming, and making strong momentum, it often takes two years of serious, full-time effort. Here’s how I’ve seen it play out in the past:

  • First Three Months – Assemble the team and build the minimum viable product
  • Next Three Months – Launch the minimum respectable product
  • Next Six Months – Sign the first 10 paying customers and tighten the product/market fit
  • Next Six Months – Focus in on building the customer acquisition machine while refining the product
  • Last Six Months – Continue tweaking the sales and marketing mix using objective data about what’s working and sign a critical mass of customers

Startups aren’t overnight successes. Often, two years is the magic mark for startups to start humming, assuming they found a strong market with solid timing.

What else? What are your thoughts on it taking two years for a startup…

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