Do Tablets have a long-term future?

By long-term, consider five years.  Forrester recently took a survey of companies that use Tablets.  The findings are interesting.  Through its surveys, Forrester “…has created lists of top tablet users. Topping the list is CEOs (“CEOs say they want one, IT has to buy one”), but after them are field sales workers and then very heavy travelers.” (2)  The article further states that health care workers, retail, and financial services, and education tend to use Tablets.

Even with multiple industries adopting Tablets, drawbacks exist.  “The right software is the difference between being able to make a strong business case for a tablet deployment and not. ‘Without the right applications, tablets are just a fancy Internet browser that you can carry around,’ Ted Schadler, Forrester vice president and principal analyst, told eWEEK. ‘To sell or provide field service, you need the content and applications to get the job done.’” (2)


Even Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins believes Tablets have limitations.  “In five years, I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore,” Heins had said during an interview at the Milken Institute conference in Los Angeles April 29. “Maybe a big screen in your workspace, but not a tablet as such. Tablets themselves are not a good business model.” (1)

As Homepreneurs pointed out in an earlier article, Tablets do have limits: screen size, power, and lack of custom applications.  Unless an external monitor is connected, a large spreadsheet or database will not display well.  Also to consider is whether speech to text recognition is adequate to replace a standard keyboard.  Further, if one speaks with an accent, would speech recognition work?

Despite the seemingly common Tablets, “ a 2012 Forrester global information worker study found 12 percent using tablets, and 8 percent had paid for them themselves.” (1)

Will Tablets prove a solution for corporations in the long-term or will they continue to be more of an entertainment device with secondary business uses?


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By Dion D. Shaw

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