The Accountinator joins

This is great stuff!


I’m quite excited to report that I’ve established an expert page at provides answers to user questions, similar to a number of other sites that you might have heard of. What makes more compelling is that its answers are written or reviewed by resident experts (including yours truly). This remedies the biggest problem with crowd-sourcing and wiki sites, such as, namely incorrect and misleading information.

I also like because of its interactivity features. You can select questions to answer. You can collaborate when writing answers. And you can also ask your own questions. An e-mail features regularly sends you additional answers and questions of interest.

It’s like a big online cocktail party, where you can converse about whatever subject interests you.

BTW, don’t worry, The Accountinator will live on. Web traffic around here grows steadily, and I hope to post some new spreadsheets…

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