Tips for Publishing on SmashWords

Not long ago, we stressed that self-publishing was a great idea and home business opportunity.  Since, we’ve done a number of articles on the topic.  Here is an expert’s helpful suggestions for formatting and getting published!

Kristy K. James

Okay…  So I really like the mug being given away in the current Smashwords blogging contest, and I’m going to try my very best to win one.

How did I publish Reluctant Guardian, A Fine Mess, and The Stranger In My Head on Smashwords?

I’d like to tell you that it was this long, complicated process that took me weeks to figure out.  That I was popping Advil like M & M’s because Mark Coker went out of his way to make the whole publishing process  as difficult as he possibly could.

But I can’t say either one of those things.  Why?  Because using the Meatgrinder couldn’t have been easier.  In fact, it only took minutes (single digit minutes) for each book, and voilà, they were done!


Getting the books ready for the Meatgrinder?  Not quite so easy.

Not that it was all that hard, just…

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2 Responses to Tips for Publishing on SmashWords

  1. E.C. says:

    I went and read Ms. James article. It’s got a lot of handy info. I think her suggestions to help writers get their manuscript cleaned up and formatted for Smashwords ‘meatgrinder’ is very helpful.

    Thanks for sharing this article, Dion 🙂

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