A Blog Picture Tells a Story

In most Homepreneurs articles, I insert a picture or image.  They aren’t always easy to find – legally – and unless one is a graphic artist (not me) it is hard to find the image you want.  It also takes time to search websites, and copy, crop, and place in these blogs.  So why put pictures in your blog posts?

Reason 1 – Visual Appeal.  This was a recent post from Homepreneurs:

Blog with image

The snippet above has an image.

blog without image

Similar snippet.  The mouth and lollipop add to the text.  Visual Appeal.

Reason 2 – Social Media.  You own a home business.  You are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks.  People pay more attention to visuals than text.  Think back to a favorite commercial on television or post on Facebook.  You remember the fun part – video or pictures – but forgot about the company or message!

Reason 3 – Google and Feedburner.  Google owns Feedburner and you can sign up to get articles posted by email.  When Feedburner sends a message, the image is included and people like pictures.  The SEO gained from Feedburner/Google is another consideration.  Using Feedburner is another post.

Reason 4 – “A Picture Tells a Thousand Words”


This picture instantly tells your brain that it rained and the river flooded.  The news story is 500 – 750 words or more.

And now you know.  Break up your text – insert a picture.  Tell a story with pictures, not with words.


Profile Pic


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4 Responses to A Blog Picture Tells a Story

  1. E.C. says:

    “People pay more attention to visuals than text”
    I agree with this quote from your article. I always try to have photos with my posts. My comments sometimes reflect visitors who have read the article and sometimes they’ll just red the title and see the photo and make a comment. Usually my first newer visitors come to visit my blog because of a photo (and having the right tags of course)
    Either way, I’m always happy when someone takes the time to visit and comment.
    Very informative and helpful article Dion. 🙂

  2. Hi, Dion!
    Was interested in what you were saying about Feedburner.counting as an additional post? As in more pages indexed? What about the images.. .are they indexed as well if you include them in your sitemap that you send to Google? Also, thanks for plugging my Job Boards for Writers page, When I saw that title on the email I thought you has written a post with the same name, lol!

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