Home Business Update -VHS to DVD Conversion

Some time ago, Homepreneurs suggested VHS to DVD conversion as a home business option.  Not only is this business inexpensive to start-up, but with current technology, very easy to do.  Further, VHS players are all but gone, superseded by DVD, BlueRay, and tablet video.  VHS tapes also have a limited shelf life and affected by age, temperature, and tape-eating players.

This is an ideal business for a part-time entrepreneur.  One-time costs of software, cable, and devices (if not owned) and you are ready to set up shop.

I’ve noticed that Amazon local deals and GroupOn both offer deals from companies that convert VHS tapes to DVD.  One recent offer was 6 VHS tapes for $39, a savings of 70% off the regular price of $109.00.  Shipping and handling is extra, of course.   Further, only non-copyrighted material is converted, e.g. home videos.  Perform a little research on copyright laws and you may discover that single use (backup) copies of purchased materials are perfectly legal.


You don’t need to set up a national operation, but offer services locally via ads in newspapers and through word-of-mouth.  A simple solution to a problem for many.  Get some free business cards through VistaPrint and set up a free web site with Webs.com or Wix.com or even a free blog through WordPress.

Low start up cost, limited expertise required, and a problem in need of a solution.  Get started today!  By the way, this is a great job for high school and college students as well.

By Dion D. Shaw

Dion D. Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs

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4 Responses to Home Business Update -VHS to DVD Conversion

  1. A very good idea. Personally I have a huge collection of B-movies that will probably never be released on DVD. I have purchased DVD versions of a few that have been released and I find that they lose a lot of their novelty because the re-releases have been remastered.

    I really should find someone that can convert hundreds of tapes cheaply or do it myself.

    • homepreneurs says:

      Well, let’s talk about it. I’ve been known to do this stuff and you don’t live far away…

      • Good idea…My primary concern are my Red Dwarf Tapes. I have the the first 8 seasons on tape, unfortunately only the first six seasons are before they were re-engineered for a U.S. audience. I watched a few of the early episodes on Netflix and was astounded at some of the changes they did…minor, but it changes the humor.

        I’ll try to remember to drop you an email later.

      • homepreneurs says:

        Flying home from Reno today. Let me contact you in the next few days.

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