An example of a blog making money…


How much do I earn from this blog? Curious?

So far, I’ve earned $13.72. Because this is under AdWords’ minimum of $100.00 I haven’t yet received any of this.

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  1. Dion – this doesn’t include the value of networking connections. As a result of my blog, I’ve received a contract to write a book and now a contract to write for a major website.

    For just this reason, I’m probably going to drop the ads altogether. The real money seems to come from using the blog as a networking tool.

    Thanks for the reblog.


    • homepreneurs says:


      Very welcome for the reblog. The information you present is timely, informed, and very relevant to Homepreneurs.

      I think it is possible to make decent money (more than pennies) from AdSense, etc., but requires significant website traffic.

      Happy to hear about your contract!


  2. Reblogged this on Accountinator and commented:
    My friend Dion over at Homepreneurs reblogged my post.

    I’ve always felt discouraged by the pennies that come in from advertising. A thought that occurred to me is that the real value of my blogs has not come from the small change paid by advertisers. Rather, it has come from larger contracts earned from my internet presence. These included my new book, and another deal that I hope to be able to announce very soon.

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