Many of us will file taxes within the next couple months. The Accountinator reminds us to be honest….


Paying your business taxes on time and accurately needs to be one of the top priorities when running your business. Failing to meet your annual or quarterly tax obligations can lead to a number of serious consequences including heavy fines and a tax audit. Working with a professional and experienced accountant can help you keep finances organized and ensure your business taxes are getting paid on time.

Here are eight compelling reasons to file your business taxes honestly:

1. Avoid filing penalties and fees. If the government finds that your tax payments were inaccurate, you will be responsible for paying the full tax liability amount, as well as any late penalties and fees associated with the late-filing status.

2. Reduce a risk of an audit. Your company may be at risk of an audit now, and in the future, if there is any evidence that your company did not pay…

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