The Accountinator’s take on the Fiscal Cliff package


The Fiscal Cliff package passed this week. Rhetoric aside, your payroll taxes and self-employment taxes will most likely increase by 2% of your income. This means that if your business makes $100,000 this year, you’re going to need to send an additional $2,000 to Washington that you didn’t have to send last year. If you have a salary (gross income) of $100,000, an additional 2%, or $2,000, will be deducted from your paycheck before you can spend or save it.  Happy new year!

It’s not so easy to gauge exactly how the new law benefits or hurts most taxpayers because tax law is insanely complex and intentionally obfuscated by political rhetoric. That said, the middle-class and budding entrepreneur class will probably pay more in taxes than they did last year (see previous paragraph). However, the tax increases could have been a whole lot more severe. The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) had threatened to slam most taxpayers…

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  1. Hey Dion, thanks for the reblog. Everyone needs to be mindful about how the new tax package will affect them during the year.

    – Mark

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