Interesting review of Windows 8 Slate vs iPad…

Freaking Important

After two weeks with my new Slate , I thought you might like to hear about some of its strengths and weaknesses. Overall, I would dare say that I find Windows 8 Slate to be a powerful tool with great potential. It seems reliable, though somewhat confusing to use.

8 Slate is the way of the future

I love my iPad but there’s no way around it: Windows 8 Slate is the way of the future. It will crush the iPad the same way Windows once crushed the Macintosh. Here’s why: Windows 8’s ambitious goal is to create a new and universal environment for all devices. Think about that megalomania for a second: One universal environment for all devices. While Mac OS and iOS are beginning to look more and more similar, and work better together than they used to, face it: they are different. They need to be synced. Furthermore, as great as the retina displays are, iOS has issues. File Management…

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  1. Joseph Dabon says:

    I wonder if our world is getting simpler or more complicated. For a guy like me, I would rather keep it simple and sweet.

  2. Hi! Just thought I’d let you know that I listed your site as one of the 15 WAH Blogs that I gave the Inspiring Blog Award to and recommend for learning how to find work from home

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