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Do you like children or have children of your own?  Would you prefer to stay at home with them? A daycare service from your home could be a good business for you.

Childcare remains a hot job in the United States.  In many households, both parents work and parents prefer home environments to institutional settings.  If you have children, your house is already prepared and creating a home based childcare business can start virtually immediately.


Check into and verify local zoning regulations for a childcare business.  Also ensure that you have appropriate insurance for a home business and any medical issues or accidents that occur.

Set standard times and locations for drop off and pick up.  Create a contract that all customers must understand and sign.  Charge extra fees if a child is not picked up on time.  If a child has a medical condition that requires insulin injections or an inhaler, get certified to provide this service.

Need To Have

A rooms or rooms for children to play in, nap, and eat.  You may wish to block off sections of the home to not disrupt other family members.  Children are often dropped off early – 6:00 or 7:00 am and your husband won’t want a bunch of kids running into the bathroom when he is showering.

Shelving and storage bins.  Kids should have books to read, toys to play with, and their favorite stuffed animals.  The toys should be safe and age-appropriate.  Your local GoodWill store is an excellent place to buy cheap toys and books.  Remember, your home is a second home for the children.   Make them feel safe and comfortable.

Healthy snacks.  Kids are growing and like to eat.  Have fruit, milk, and other treats that kids like.  Be aware of any food allergies that kids may have.  Peanuts are an example.

Home Impact

If possible, have a separate room and entrance door for the kids.  This keeps the business separate from the house and its members.  The room should be completely child-proof with outlets covered and no sharp edges.

Discuss with an accountant the tax consequences of having a business in your home.  Many tax deductions may be available.


Your reputation as a quality daycare provider is first.  Parents must feel comfortable knowing their children are in a safe and secure environment.  Educational environments are an added bonus.

Create pamphlets or brochures showing the dedicated space the children have and pictures of happy kids playing, napping or enjoying a treat.  Also provide credentials you have such as CPR and First Aid.  Be prepared for a background check.


Though local governments have limits on the number and ages of children allowed in a home for this business, adding another adult may allow for extra children.  Licensing is also a serious consideration.  Licensed daycares often charge more, but are regulated and certified by a local government.  Depending on your property, outside yards – especially fenced – is an added attraction for parents and children.  Add a sandbox or playground for additional appeal.

Fluency in another language – especially Spanish – is a big plus.  Extra or extended hours – especially on weekends is appealing.  These should be part of your marketing plan too.




www.heart.org (American Heart Association)

By Dion D. Shaw

Dion D. Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs

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  1. Veli Nurmela says:

    I learn so much about this home business idea,for me it is really hard to have a business through home,because for me business is a very challenging thing that took a lot of time.In Finland i seen most of home business and they are really successful.Anyway thanks for this one.

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