14 Blog Post Ideas That You Need

Blogs are an important way for customers to learn about your products and services.  Do you want to drive more traffic to your home business blog and write consistent, quality content?   Here are 14 ideas that make for a very successful blog.  These ideas will help drive traffic and increase your SEO and page rankings on search engines.

1)     Focus the blog niche – Choose a topic that is somewhat unique or is a sub-topic of a popular theme.  Stay on topic with your posts and don’t wander into the idea of the day.

2)     Reblog other blogs – Found a blog you really liked?  Reblog it for your readers.  They will appreciate the information you found.

3)     Choose subjects for each day of the week – Readers will specifically come back for a relevant topic.  Knowing which day that topic is the focus drives traffic

4)     Take notes – I have 2 ideas or more for blog topics every day.  I am guilty of not writing them down at the time.  Those good ideas are not quite as good hours or days later.  Keep a pen and paper handy and write ideas down at the time.

5)     Search research tools – Google has a great keyword tool that shows what people are really searching for, not what you think they are or should be searching.  Use these terms to build your SEO and keywords.

6)     Use Google analytics – look at keywords that are bringing people to your blog.   Google analytics has a lot of in-depth information for daily page visits, length of stay, and location.

7)     Communicate with your posters – one of my favorite things is ongoing communication with readers of Homepreneurs.  They challenge me to think, consider other ideas, and give me satisfaction for the work I do.  Win-win.

8)     Write for sub-niches – in the home business space, many subsets can be blogs by themselves; accounting, marketing, sales, business ideas.  Use sub-niches as ongoing topics for daily posts or create a new blog.

9)     Solicit guest posts – bloggers have writers block at times.  Build up a list of guest bloggers that can provide different ideas and topics on mind-block days.

10)  Compilation posts – use Google analytics to determine popular articles and make a compilation list of those articles.  Ditto for sub-niches, if you focus on that space.

11)  Compile other bloggers posts – if you want to be an expert in your field, you need help from others too.  Different opinions and different ideas, make a ready list to share.

12)  Explain jargon – do you use terms that make no sense to a person new to the industry?  Financial terms can be especially difficult for those just starting as entrepreneurs.  Write a post or series of explaining these terms.

13)  Competitions or contests – if you are selling a product like an eBook or similar.  Offer free eBooks to readers for submissions to your blog.  Just make sure to get releases for their material and give credit when needed.

14)  Think about oppositesHomepreneurs blogs about the good parts of starting a home business, but we’ve also discussed the negative side too.  Look at issues from opposing directions, giving your readers a chance to learn and decide.

For more ideas on blog content, take at Stephen Pepper’s blog idea list article on ProBlogger.net.

By Dion D. Shaw

Dion D. Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs


Homepreneurs does not endorse nor have any relationships with any of the services listed.  Homepreneurs receives no compensation or consideration for its suggestions.  Homepreneurs strongly urges all interested parties to conduct research and accepts no responsibility for any losses incurred.

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12 Responses to 14 Blog Post Ideas That You Need

  1. onlineghostwriterforhire says:

    Wow! What a treasure trove of good advice! Nicely said!

  2. Donita says:

    I’m getting ready to start a blog & am thankful for your tips. I’m handicapped & have been ill for over 20 years. Are there any company’s you know about who will employ physically handicapped people – even if they can’t drive sometimes? Thank you!

  3. Useful info; well presented.Thanks!

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