HENRY'S GROCERYUnfortunately, most new businesses fail. Inevitably, the product isn’t quite what the customer is looking for, or the price is too low to make a profit, or the price is too high, or supplies are limited, or an ex runs away with the cash box, or the rent becomes unaffordable, a competitor learns how to do whatever you do cheaper and faster, or the Feds take you down.  Chances are more likely than not that, when someone starts a business, someone or something is going to come along and end it all.  That’s life.

This is why some new businesses could be so extraordinarily profitable.  There is risk in starting a new business – great risk – and with that risk will come reward for the lucky few who succeed (ex. Mark Zuckerberg).  For every Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, there are thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of…

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