A Review: Blog Apps for iPad

I use my iPad more these days to manage blogs, read mail, visit favorite websites and get news. The iPad has huge advantages over laptops in size and portability. Earlier this week, Homepreneurs blogged about the many available business apps for iPad. Today I downloaded the WordPress and BlogPress apps for blogging. I want to see if either is a solid choice for posting and managing blogs from my iPad.

Starting with the WordPress app, it is free, always a bonus. It also gives me a full listing of current and previous posts on the left, along with comments and stats. The post list expands as much as desired and can be deleted or edited. Creating a new post is simple in the main screen with title, tags and categories fields. Inserting a picture appears easy, though changing placement in the post is not obvious. Top post, archives, RSS feeds and other items are available and easy to use.

The post you are reading is written using BlogPress, a $4.99 application for iPad. My first observation is that BlogPress doesn’t show a long history of posts, unless I’m missing it. Comments on each post are available, though visit stats are not. Tags and categories are displayed by tapping the ‘i’ icon on the right of the title bar. The editor is similar to WordPress, put the cursor in the text box and type. Inserting an image:

Automatically centers the post, a definite advantage over WordPress. The image above is a stock photo of the recent Van Halen concert tour, featuring David Lee Roth. Tapping on the image changes the orientation to the right or left side.

One item that bugs me about both blog apps: no obvious way to link to an earlier post in one’s blog. I can easily add in any link to a word, but not other posts.

All-in-all, I’m leaning toward WordPress for free, the stats, and large history of previous posts. BlogPress is nice too, and $4.99 isn’t much to pay. But the initial vote here goes to WordPress iPad app.

By Dion D Shaw

Dion D Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs

Homepreneurs. New Day. New Opportunity.

Copyright Homepreneurs, 2010 – 2012, all rights reserved

– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


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