Bootstrap Brand a Business

One advantage big name business has it brand recognition.  Small and home business don’t have the years of history, memorable tag lines or high marketing budgets. All is not lost however!  By taking a few simple steps, your business can become at least a local if not regional or nationally known name.  Hopefully this is for positive reasons and not because a welding experiment went bad and burned down your town!

When considering branding a product, service or organization, look beyond your personal borders and limits.  If you want a business to grow in reputation and brand, superior knowledge of the product and (potential) buyers is key.  Even more importantly you must establish a commitment to the brand and growing it.  Below we list a few key bootstrap branding steps to help you and your business become a known quantity.

* Focus on your PRODUCT.  It’s simply naïve to assume even the best product will sell itself – even with strong name recognition behind it.  Remember Sony’s Betamax® or WordPerfect® or IBM’s OS2®?  Each of these products was arguably superior to the competition but ultimately failed the rigors of marketing.  Consider what makes your product special or unique.  Does it provide some kind of physical benefit to your customers, eliminate problems or become the next “gotta have it” thing?  As a newer company, you can’t afford major advertising campaigns and depend mainly on referrals. Become the buzz, the talk of the coffee clutch or water cooler.

* Become an EXPERT.  You just developed a major time-saving kitchen appliance – you are now the expert on that appliance – what it does, the story behind the development, how it benefits people, your customers, and THOSE WHO WON’T BUY YOUR PRODUCT.   A true expert understands as much about the product’s buyers as non-buyers and the reasons for both. The expert conducts industry research to determine the issues and delves deeper into untapped markets.  Perhaps a simple lack of color choice for the appliance is keeping some potential buyers out of the market.  Offer cyan, burnt umber, fuchsia, and sell more of your innovative appliance.  Experts also do additional follow-up research to 1) make customers feel good, 2) determine additional future product offerings, and 3) BUILD THE COMPANY BRAND.

* Deliver on a COMMITMENT.  When your company sells a product or delivers a service to a customer, an expectation is created.  That client in turn relates their positive experience to others and your company’s reputation is initiated.  It is critically important that your commitment to clients via the product or service is consistent each and every time.  In essence, your company offering is a promise and brands your business as reputable or not.  You must deliver 100% on your promise 100% of the time. Since your product or service is making a person’s life better or easier and is consistently delivering at the same level, customers will return.  With repeat clientele, a brand is established.  Congratulations.

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By Dion D Shaw

Dion D Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs

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