Homepreneurs Success Story – Women are Game Changers

Homepreneurs has mentioned in the past how much we enjoy posting articles about success stories.  This time we had the good fortune to catch up with Vernetta, the editor-in-chief of Women Are Game Changers (WAGC).  In her own words, WAGC’s blog is “A woman empowerment blog that focuses on teaching women how to empower themselves through business, health and family relationships. Also women will be featured sharing their path to becoming a gamechanger.”

WAGC’s Mission:  To create a network of women who are changing the game called life by setting it on fire with our dynamism.

Vernetta is a dynamo: a fitness enthusiast, a writer, and a woman with a serious and noble goal of empowering others.

Vernetta has some very interesting and wise words of advice for start up businesses.  She is quite successful, driven, and her words are sage advice.  I interview Vernetta; what follows is an unedited transcript:

1)      Why did you start your own business?

I want to have more control over my finances. I do not want to depend on someone else to decide how much my skills are worth. I also want the freedom to choose what jobs/contracts to take.

2)      How long has your business existed?

I started my blog in September 2011 and I became self-employed teaching English to corporate employees who come from overseas in July 2011. So I am new to all of this but the learning is fun and challenging.

3)      What industry is your business in?

My blog would be considered a social networking site I believe and teaching English is in the education & corporate industry.

4)      What are the greatest challenges you face?

The greatest challenges I face are having to learn while I am also working in new fields and understanding how to make sure I become profitable.

5)      What advantages does self-employment provide?

The best advantage of being self-employed is working for myself and from home. I only need to leave to meet with clients and to network. I don’t have to worry about extra expenses of renting an office space and commuting.

6)      Do you have any tips/suggestions for those considering entrepreneurship?

The one tip I would like to share is make sure you have some savings for personal use because you won’t always have the ability to start earning a lot of money right away in some cases. That way you are not stressed about paying your personal bills and you can focus on growing your business because that takes time and money.

7)      Do or will you use social media at all (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)?

I use facebook, twitter, linkedin, black bloggers connect, black business women online, blogher, and I am also in three meet up groups. I’ve found all of these great for networking, learning from others and exposure for myself and business.

8)      Where do your greatest number of customers come from?  Word of mouth, networking, social media, advertising?

My greatest number for my blog has come from facebook. As far as teaching English that business is still in the developing stages. I contract my services out for another established company.

9)      If you could change one thing when you started, what would that be? (or change something in planning)

I don’t know what I would change because so far I’m enjoying the learning experience because it is all new to me.

10)   What are the rewards of self-employment?

I get to set my own schedule and take or reject contracts if I want to unlike being employeed by a company. I love the freedom to work from home as well.

11)   What sources do you use to fill in your knowledge gaps? Why?

I have bought and read books by other bloggers and entrepreneuers. I joined a business oriented social networking site to learn from other women who are more established than I am. I read and listen to what other  bloggers are doing.

12)   Please self-identify with either initials or first name & first letter of last name

Vernetta F.

13)   Would you us to publish a link to your business?  If so, please provide an email address, Facebook or Website

Yes I would appreciate it. My links are below







Homepreneurs.  New Day.  New Opportunities.


5 Responses to Homepreneurs Success Story – Women are Game Changers

  1. Cheval John says:

    I really admire her for taking that bold step to venture out on her own. I wish her all the best in her endeavors.

  2. Thank you Cheval. Yes it’s a risk but one I’m willing to take.

  3. G’Day! Homepreneurs,
    Speaking of which, Article directory submission is a type of submission that involves submitting your articles to the directories. I’ll be back to read more next time
    Best Wishes NA Home Business Network

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