Work From Home as a Telecommuter – Part 3

Work from home as a telecommuter.  This is part 3 listing companies that offer flexible work options.  Telecommuting is a work arrangement where employees have flexibility in working location and hours.  The central place of work is replaced by telecommunications links: Internet, email, fax, etc.  Many telecommuters work from home, though others – aka nomad or web commuters – work from locations such as coffee shops or libraries, etc.  According to the US Census in an annual survey, roughly 2.9 million workers were considered telecommuters at the end of 2009.  Other statistics put these numbers at 35 million if contractors, part-time workers or occasional work from homers are included.

Statistics are not why you are interested in this post: You’ve already decided that work from home is a desirable option or you wouldn’t be here.  Many large employers offer flexible schedules and we list some of the best below.  As always, research is your best friend when considering work from home as an option.

Pearson Education (Upper Saddle River NJ)
Offer integrated educational publishing services
# Employees: 7,488
FLEX APPEAL Employees can use flextime (nearly 70% flexed last year), compressed schedules, part-time schedules, job-sharing and telecommuting.

Pfizer Inc. (New York NY)
Research, develop, and manufacture pharmaceuticals and consumer health-care products
# Employees: 48,546
FLEX APPEAL Telecommuting is common at most locations.

The Phoenix Companies Inc. (Hartford CT)
Provide life insurance, annuity and asset management services
# Employees: 1,465
FLEX APPEAL 43% work off-site.

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP (San Francisco CA)
Specialize in providing legal services in capital markets, finance, global sourcing, litigation, IP and regulatory law
# Employees: 1,891
FLEX APPEAL Flex options include part-time work, job-sharing and telecommuting.

PNC Financial Services Group Inc. (Pittsburgh PA)
Provide personal banking, investment banking, corporate financing and other financial services
# Employees: 23,642
FLEX APPEAL About half of all employees use flextime, while 25% work from home.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (New York NY)
Provide global accounting, auditing, tax and business advisory services
# Employees: 28,490
FLEX APPEAL Offers a wide variety of flexible work options that employees can easily apply for online.

Principal Financial Group (Des Moines IA)
Offer businesses and individuals a range of financial products and services
# Employees: 12,767
FLEX APPEAL More than half of all employees took advantage of flextime last year. More than 1,800 employees were provided with home-based computers, office equipment, and software.

The Procter & Gamble Co. (Cincinnati OH)
Manufacture household products
# Employees: 34,770
FLEX APPEAL Approximately 5,400 employees work from home or telecommute.

Providence Alaska Medical Center (Anchorage AK)
Operate hospitals and health-care facilities in Alaska
FLEX APPEAL 2,300 employees take advantage of flextime. Others compress work schedules, work part-time, job-share and telecommuting.

Prudential Financial (Newark NJ)
Offer financial services
# Employees: 20,840
FLEX APPEAL Offers flextime, compressed schedules, part-time work, job-sharing and telecommuting.

Qualcomm (Fortune)
18% telecommute regularly

Republic Bancorp Inc. (Owosso MI)
Operate a holding firm that provides retail, commercial, and mortgage banking services
# Employees: 1,048
FLEX APPEAL Offers telecommuting.

RSM McGladrey Inc. (Bloomington MN)
Provide accounting, tax and business consulting services
# Employees: 7,466
FLEX APPEAL Encourages job-sharing, telecommuting, compressed schedules and “flexyears,” which allow staffers to work extra hours for several months, then take off a few paid months.

S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. (Racine WI)
Manufacture consumer household goods
# Employees: 3,301
FLEX APPEAL Half of staff work from a location outside the office, using laptops and office supplies provided by the company.

Schering-Plough (Kenilworth NJ)
Develop and manufacture prescription, consumer and animal health-care products
# Employees: 13,766
FLEX APPEAL 42% of staffers telecommute.

Texas Instruments Inc. (Dallas TX)
Develop semiconductor and computer technology
# Employees: 15,652
FLEX APPEAL As long as employees get their work done, they can set their own schedules–even change them daily. More than half of all staffers flex their schedules and telecommute

The Timberland Co. (Stratham NH)
Manufacture footwear, apparel and accessories
# Employees: 1,997
FLEX APPEAL Almost half of all employees (43%) flex their schedules, while a smaller group job-share, work from home or compress their hours. Part-timers only need to work 16 hours per week to receive health benefits.

TriHealth (Cincinnati OH)
Operate a network of hospitals, community-based centers and home health-care services
# Employees: 8,119
FLEX APPEAL Offers telecommuting

UBS (New York NY)
Provide financial services
# Employees: 25,509
FLEX APPEAL More than 75% of staffers use flextime, while about 70% telecommute.

Verizon Communications/Verizon Wireless (New York NY)
Offer telecommunications services
# Employees: 208,804
FLEX APPEAL 39% of the workforce telecommutes.

Wachovia Corp. (Charlotte NC)
Provide banking and financial services
# Employees: 97,181
FLEX APPEAL About half of Wachovia’s employees telecommute.

Wells Fargo & Co. (San Francisco CA)
Provide personal banking and other financial services
# Employees: 156,320
FLEX APPEAL About a third of employees use flextime; other popular options include job-sharing, telecommuting and working a part-year schedule.

West Virginia University Hospitals (Morgantown WV)
Provide hospital and health-care services
# Employees: 3,913
FLEX APPEAL Offers flextime, compressed workweeks, telecommuting, job-sharing, part-time work and part-year scheduling.

The above companies are a small sample of companies that offer flex-time, telecommuting or work from home options.  Many of these companies are well-known with great reputations.  Homepreneurs will continue to list others as we find them.

List edited and compiled by Dion Shaw

Dion Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs.

Homepreneurs.  New Day.  New Opportunity.

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