Work From Home – Telecommuting Options 2

Work from home as a telecommuter.  This is part 2 of companies that offer flexible work options.  Telecommuting is a work arrangement where employees have flexibility in working location and hours.  The central place of work is replaced by telecommunications links: Internet, email, fax, etc.  Many telecommuters work from home, though others – aka nomad or web commuters – work from locations such as coffee shops or libraries, etc.  According to the US Census in an annual survey, roughly 2.9 million workers were considered telecommuters at the end of 2009.  Other statistics put these numbers at 35 million if contractors, part-time workers or occasional work from homers are included.

Statistics are not why you are interested in this post: You’ve already decided that work from home is a desirable option or you wouldn’t be here.  Many large employers offer flexible schedules and we list some of the best below.  As always, research is your best friend when considering work from home as an option.

General Mills (Minneapolis MN)
Manufacture packaged goods globally
# Employees: 17,691
FLEX APPEAL Employees can flex or compress their work schedules, telecommute or job-share.

GlaxoSmithKline (Philadelphia PA)
Research, develop and sell medicines and products
# Employees: 27,332
FLEX APPEAL Offers telecommuting, job-sharing and flextime.

Harvard University (Cambridge MA)
Provide education and research services
# Employees: 16,585
FLEX APPEAL Offers flextime, compressed schedules, part-time work, telecommuting and job-sharing. Employees are required to work only 17.5 hours per week to qualify for health benefits.

Hewlett-Packard Co. (Palo Alto CA)
Provide IT products and services globally
# Employees: 54,637
FLEX APPEAL More than 70% of staffers use some form of flexible work arrangement. Many flexed their schedules, job-shared, worked part-time or telecommuted.

HSBC-North America (Prospect Heights IL)
Offer banking and financial services
# Employees: 45,752
FLEX APPEAL Allows telecommuting and job-sharing. Employees need to work only 20 hours per week to qualify for health insurance.

IBM Corp. (Armonk NY)
Provide a wide range of services, solutions, and technologies
# Employees: 131,150
FLEX APPEAL Offers flextime, compressed work schedules, part-time options, and telecommuting, without penalizing employees who choose these benefits in terms of their career development or promotion opportunities.

IKEA North America Services LLC (Plymouth Meeting PA)
Manufacture, sell, and distribute home furnishings
# Employees: 10,389
FLEX APPEAL About half of all employees have some kind of flexible work arrangement. They may compress their work schedules, telecommute and job-share.

Inova Health System (Falls Church VA)
Operate hospitals and other health-care-related facilities
# Employees: 11,828
FLEX APPEAL Many employees job-share, telecommute, flex or compress their workweek.

Johnson & Johnson (New Brunswick NJ)
Develop and manufacture pharmaceutical, medical, and consumer products
# Employees: 46,181
FLEX APPEAL Employees can change their schedules daily, if their job permits. Compressed work schedules and telecommuting are other popular options. Part-time employees are eligible for health benefits.

JPMorgan Chase (New York NY)
Provide financial services
# Employees: 136,066
FLEX APPEAL Allows employees to telecommute.

Kraft Foods Inc. (Northfield IL)
Produce food and beverages
# Employees: 53,453
FLEX APPEAL Telecommuting is a popular option.

Lego Systems Inc. (Enfield CT)
Manufacture toys
# Employees: 1,096
FLEX APPEAL Parents have the option of working at home.

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. (Springfield MA)
Provide insurance products
# Employees: 5,289
FLEX APPEAL Allows flex-scheduling, job-sharing and work from home.

The McGraw-Hill Companies (New York NY)
Publish financial services, education and business information
# Employees: 14,096
FLEX APPEAL More than 60% of the employees worked at home at least some of the time last year.

Mercy Health System (Janesville WI)
Operate a regional health-care network of hospitals, medical centers and specialty facilities
# Employees: 3,586
FLEX APPEAL 5% telecommute.

MetLife Inc. (New York NY)
Provide life insurance, annuities, and other financial services
# Employees: 33,659
FLEX APPEAL Flextime, compressed workweeks and telecommuting are widely used by employees., 2% of non-field-sales staffers have a formal flex arrangement.

Microsoft Corp. (Redmond WA)
Develop computer software, services and solutions
# Employees: 41,087
FLEX APPEAL Offers flextime, compressed work schedules and telecommuting, with computers and supplies provided for those who work off-site.

Northern Trust Corp. (Chicago IL)
Provide banking, asset management and investment management services
# Employees: 7,406
FLEX APPEAL 17% work off-site.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. (East Hanover NJ)
Develop and manufacture pharmaceuticals
# Employees: 11,698
FLEX APPEAL The telecommuting program, for which the firm provides BlackBerrys and laptops is growing. The employees who recently piloted the program reported up to 40% improvement in their work/life balance.

The above companies are a small sample of companies that offer flex-time, telecommuting or work from home options.  Check back tomorrow for a third set of companies that offer telecommuting options.

List edited and compiled by Dion Shaw

Dion Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs.

Homepreneurs.  New Day.  New Opportunity.

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