Newly minted marketers can transcend their small business roots

Part of the difficulty of owning a small business is that many important tasks can’t be delegated. That is to say, most small business owners must be their own accountants, HR directors, payroll heads and perhaps most difficultly, marketers. This can be frustrating for company leaders who understand what they must do to attract customers but who are aware of the fact that they lack the necessary skills to do so.

This is because the position of marketer requires some basic knowledge of search engine optimization, copy writing, art direction and web design. When put on top of managing a business solo, many owners may become despondent that they will ever run effective brand awareness campaigns. However, gaining the rudimentary skills that make marketing possible isn’t as difficult as one might imagine. Here are some suggestions for ways to make one’s way into the first levels of marketing.

Attend seminars and take classes

High level lectures and lessons about advertising can be in-depth and expensive. Fortunately, company owners who are just starting out won’t need to worry about advanced and complicated ideas. Instead, a start from the bottom will give a good baseline to understand how marketing actually works. Community colleges and traveling lecturers often have affordable lessons available that small business owners can attend.

What makes this such a valuable and interesting method is that advertising isn’t truly very difficult for most people. That’s because we’re assailed with marketing every day and know more about it than we think, mostly because we aren’t conscious of the effect it has on us. An introductory class will give names to many of the ideas most people already have in their subconscious minds.

Explore other examples

Companies that have implemented successful marketing strategies may like to think that they’ve discovered a closely guarded secret, but the truth is that the process of coming up with a good advertising campaign can be read directly from the promotional materials that a business creates. Research the competition and crib liberally from their work (without infringing on copyrights) to help understand how the process of creating an engaging strategy works.

Hold testing sessions

It’s very rare for small businesses to exist without having friends and family who closely resemble a target customer base. Consequently, company owners should realize that they have marketing material test groups at their disposal. Before committing to an advertisement, promotional product, website or other type of brand awareness campaign, run it by trusted people and ask for their honest opinions. The feedback that this can garner will be invaluable to subsequent drafts.

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