13 Marketing Activities You Can Do For Less Than $20 A Day

All businesses need marketing to create a brand, sales – and hopefully – profits.  A marketing campaign can be expensive and not in a home or small business budget.  Other ways exist though, to market your business for less than $20 per day as described by Ivana Taylor.  Some of these activities need only time and effort such as blogging or commenting on other blogs.  Others require hiring an SEO professional or designer for a logo or image.  All are solid suggestions describing inexpensive ways of promoting your business.


13 Marketing Activities You Can Do For Less Than $20 A Day

By Ivana Taylor

There really is no better, easier and more fun time to market your business than today. Granted, the economy isn’t participating, and dollars are tight, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating a marketing plan that will start generating new business.

I’ve pulled together some marketing activities that you can do when you have more time than money, and then as your business grows, I’ve got marketing activities you can do when you’ve got more money than time!

When you have time

1. Develop your message and an offering

Resist the temptation to get out there and sell without having a clear marketing message and an offer. You will look desperate and people will run away from you instead of running toward you. Take time to identify specifically who your ideal customers are, what’s important to them, and the frustrations that they encounter when they are thinking about what you’re selling. Then create an offer based on solving their specific frustrations.

If it helps, create a marketing kit that serves as a new customers’ startup kit. Once your offer is more concrete and exists outside your head, you will feel more confident and your customers will be able to experience what it will be like to work with you and buy from you.

2. Write a blog article at least twice a week

I’m not advocating writing a blog because it’s hip and cool. I’m encouraging you to do it because it’s a full page, keyword-rich advertisement for your product or service. Tip: Be sure to have a place for readers to give you their e-mail addresses in exchange for information that will help them be better consumers.

3. Comment on blog articles written by your customers or industry experts

Take the time to visit industry sites and blogs and leave intelligent and informed comments on their posts. Leaving a comment is like a mini blog post and encourages interaction and communication. Ask a question of the author or contact them via e-mail. Get a conversation started about your industry, product or service. Look for ways to help the author.

4. Write endorsements for customers, suppliers and experts on LinkedIn

Reciprocity is a powerful trigger. Leave endorsements and testimonials on the profiles of customers and suppliers. This will prompt them to do the same for you. Use the opportunity to start a conversation about them and what they have been up to. Always lead with asking how you can help—they will respond in kind. And this is when it pays to reference the offer you developed earlier.

5. Answer questions on Quora and Focus.com

Everyone is familiar with LinkedIn questions and answers, but I love Quora and Focus.com as well. Simply click over to either of these sites and search on a topic of your interest. Take the time to form a great answer and follow up with the person asking the question. These sites are also a wonderful source of content that you can use on your blog. Simply collect the answers to a question and include them in your article along with links to the people who answered the question. They will be honored that you referred to them.

6. Look for industry sites, magazines or blogs where you can become a contributor

This is an ideal activity when you have more time than dollars. You will reap the benefits after you are busy with clients. In the meantime, connect with editors and journalists from industry press and see what ways you can contribute and help. Most publishers are starving for good content and will be open to chatting with you. Once your business grows, they will be a valuable PR asset.

7. Get listed on outsourcing sites

If you are in a service business, consider putting your company on oDeskeLanceGuru—or if your business is a retail location consider the new site, Thumbtack.com. These sites aren’t just for individual freelancers, a wide variety of organizations and teams participate as service providers. These sites serve as referring directories who match you and your company with customers who are looking for someone just like you.

When you have money

8. Conduct webinars/teleseminars

Leverage your connections to create an audience and a referral stream for webinars and teleseminars. You can provide free content and use the Webinars as a lead generator or actually charge for content and make it a revenue generator. If you’ve ever given a speech or presentation—or trained someone how to do something—then you have all the skills you need to do webinars.

9. Do Pay Per Click advertising

Most SEO experts will tell you that generating leads and traffic comes from a balanced approach between organic search (that you create with your blog) and pay per click advertising that targets and attracts customers that are most interested in what you have to offer.

10. Get Pro versions of automation tools

If you’re already using tools like HootSuiteMarketMe Suite or SocialOomph, then now might be the time to invest in the professional versions of these tools to help you manage your social media accounts in one place.

11. Invest in image and design

Design and image matter. Customers will form opinions about your company based on how professional you look. (Check out 99Designs.) For a fixed price, you post your projects and designers submit their design concepts.

12. Hire SEO professional

If you have less than 5 percent of your audience signing up for whatever you’re offering, it’s time for getting help from an SEO professional. Before you talk to a pro, be sure to have a clear call to action on your site that leads to a sale so that you can get the most from their advice.

13. Outsource the administration and management

If you’ve used the outsourcing sites to get customers, now you can use them to keep customers. If you’ve followed this checklist, you will have developed a system for getting it done right. Now you can transform these tasks into instructions and delegate them to virtual assistants, writers and SEO experts.

Don’t be afraid to invest in the time intensive activities. It’s the old “sharpen the saw” philosophy. By investing the effort up front, you’ll gather data and experience what strategies and tactics are most effective for your business. In the end, both your time and your money will be well spent.

Ivana Taylor is the president of the strategic marketing firm, Third Force and the publisher DIYMarketers.com. Ivana is the Book editor and contributing marketing expert for Small Business Trends (www.smallbiztrends.com). She writes the popular blog Strategy Stew (www.strategystew.com).

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4 Responses to 13 Marketing Activities You Can Do For Less Than $20 A Day

  1. Danny says:

    Hi again Ivana,

    Your 13 ideas were the perfect read to begin my weekend! I’m an avid believer in Karma! You get what you give, whether that is good or bad is your decision! Read on if you want to award yourself a karma boost – consider it your good deed for the day!

    My name is Danny and I have recently been given an opportunity to join the world of marketing! My first decision is to choose which areas I would like to indulge into … Still reading? Awesome! My question to you is where did you begin and where are you today? If you could put yourself in my shoes, a 21 year old with this golden opportunity, where would you take it?

    About me: At the moment my knowledge in marketing is to narrow; I have a strong background in customer service and consider myself to be a people person! My instincts tells me that I will thoroughly enjoy the analytics, copywriting and capture areas of marketing however I am keen to gain a brief understanding of all areas!

    I have two ears and one mouth and I try to use them in proportion. Any comments, advice and criticisms will be sincerely appreciated so don’t hold back! Tell your story! Share your success secrets! And feel free to let me know what I can do for you in return for your support!

    Thank you for your time, I look forward to your wise words!


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