Home Healthcare Business Options

Interested in a home business opportunity with long-term potential?  Try the healthcare industry.  Costs continue at high levels, healthcare organizations are outsourcing work to less expensive home based businesses, and technology provides options for online doctors and nurses.  All these factors create opportunities for work-at-home professionals.

The economic downturn provides incentive for home workers too.  Alternative and complementary approaches – acupuncture, biofeedback, chiropractic, yoga and others – are examples of business that are either small or run from home.  Look at www.healthlinks.net for more information.

Other home business options in healthcare exist too:

–        Disease Management: These positions help patients with chronic conditions that require oversight and supervision.  Disease managers call patients on a scheduled basis to discuss medication compliance, diet, and overall health concerns.  Some patients use devices that communicate directly a managers computer.  Disease managers may specialize in a single disease or have general expertise in healthcare.  This position is often an independent operator that contracts with insurance agencies or assisted living concerns.  For more information, please look at the Disease Management Association website .

–        Patient Advocate: Patient advocates are an emerging field that assists patients with resolving issues with independent healthcare practitioners.  Under the Federal HIPPA law passed in 1996, patient advocates or champions must have written permission from the patient to discuss health concerns with others.  A good source of information is the Health Advocacy Toolbox .

One option to gain experience in the health care industry: Become a mystery shopper that measures levels of service that healthcare professionals provide.  Go to www.mysteryshop.org for additional information.

The American population is aging.  Ten thousand baby boomers turn 65 each day.  Increasing age and longer life spans result in more and longer illnesses.  This creates business opportunities for those wishing to help others lead better lives.

Healthcare is also a recession resistant field.  People get sick whether economic times are good or bad.  Demand is ever increasing and will certainly remain for at least a generation.  Knowing languages other than English is a plus; many older people resort to their native languages when under physical or mental duress.

By Dion D. Shaw

Dion D. Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs

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    • homepreneurs says:

      Thanks, HH. Much appreciated. I’ve been there – laid off three times in 10 years or so. Feel a need to help others find a way. Started as a simple graduate project about a year ago and took off. Have to see this through. – Dion

  2. Nice post,Interested in a home business opportunity with long-term potential.I think your articles are so interesting that I need more information,

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