10 Jobs That Let You Work From Home

Homepreneurs:  Here are some more job listings that allow you to work from home!


Working from home is still work, but for many it can really soften the blow and break up the monotony of cubicle life.

By Treves Hokama

Many 9-5ers dream of working from home.  To set your own schedule, be your own boss, and occasionally go to work in your underwear.  For those bold enough to dream of an office without cubicles, here’s 10 great options for anyone in search of the perfect work from home job.

Graphic Designer
Time was that to work in graphic design you needed a lot of equipment, huge rooms and tables for layouts and, in many cases, a darkroom to develop your prints.  Technology has boiled it all down, essentially, into one or two ubiquitous pieces of software so that now the only thing standing between you and your own graphic design firm is your level of talent.

This is an oldie but a goodie.  Construction job sites these days are dominated by large companies with aggressive bids, but if you focus on a narrow niche market, you can run your own business and do quite well without stepping on the toes of the big guys.  My friend, for example, started a company that specialized in small cement trucks, so if you don’t need a whole truck full, no need to pay for a whole truck full, and business has been excellent for him.

Insurance Sales
Insurance, or many other types of sales for that matter, represents a great way to work from home and make potentially a lot of money.  It takes a very special skill set to be a successful salesman, but if you have what it takes, it can be a very lucrative career, and often your commissions with stack year-over-year giving you a substantial raise each year and a great incentive to continue improving your numbers.

Real Estate
While you’ll still spend a decent amount of time outside of the home (usually in other people’s homes) many real estate brokerages don’t require office hours.  This can be a great job for a self-starter with a decent rolodex and you can spend the time you would be in the office making business contacts in the community.

Whether you start a daycare, or nanny for a family, childcare is a perennial need for nearly all dual-income families.  Even if you have children of your own, you may find it relatively easy to take on one or two more children in a nannying position and bring in a substantial amount of income, while planning the same activities you normally would for your own little ones.

This one has a soft spot in my heart as it’s what i do when i work from home.  Writing and editing is a skill that nearly every business needs, and even if it’s not posted as a work from home position, a litter negotiating may convince them all you really need is a laptop, an internet connection and some strong coffee.

Multi Level Marketing
There are good and bad examples of this category of businesses, so ask a trusted friend who’s had a good experience before diving in here.  There a plenty of good multi level marketing companies that, once you’ve established yourself, can generate quite a bit of residual income from those on the levels below you as well as the ongoing income from your recurring sales.

Event Planner
Since every event is different, there’s no reason to have a specific place you need to be to plan them.  The hardest part will be getting up and running and establishing your reputation (consider working in partnership with an established company to get your feet wet and expand your rolodex) but once your off and running, this is a great home based business for anyone who loves a good party.

Business Coaching
Real world business coaching is much more than a motivational speaker with some audio books and a bleached smile, business coaching is a serious business that businesses will pay top dollar for.  The reason is that many successful business coaches will not only have great ideas on how to help structure the business and get them moving in the right direction, but they will often focus on helping cut the bottom line and get the company more profitable, often more than paying for their services with the savings they create.

If you’ve got a marketable skill and you’re a good self starter, don’t wait for someone to give you permission to work from home and run your own business.

Working from home is still work, but for many it can really soften the blow and break up the monotony of cubicle life.  Be sure to do your research before diving into any new business, and also take the time to talk to some of your friends who work from home and make sure it’ll be a good fit for you.

Source: http://www.homebusinessbug.com/10-jobs-that-let-you-work-from-home-10178/


2 Responses to 10 Jobs That Let You Work From Home

  1. francis says:

    Very informative i like it. Work from home australia has always been my choice and I know I made the right decision.

    Working from home is the future.

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