E-Book Sales Top Paperbacks For First Time

April 16 –

In an earlier post, we suggested E-Book writing as a good business for Homepreneurs and also as a way to boost sales for small business.  We also suggested – as is obvious – print-based media is quickly vanishing and replaced by digital media.

In the E-Book article, Toni Bowers provides a full how-to write, market, and publish an E-Book along with resources for assistance.  Digital books are often self-published with profits going exclusively to the writer; low overhead and an ability to sell to millions of readers can lead to serious profit.  In addition, many electronic books are not especially long and cover virtually every topic possible, from animal care to business to romance. Why not try your hand at writing a few stories or information pieces, price them at a few dollars, and sell a couple thousand?  This idea is something that can be done by the part-time or full-time homepreneur writer and requires little more than a computer and Internet connection.  If you are reading this article, you already have that covered!


Posted 4-15-2011

The publishing tide is shifting fast: E-book sales in February topped all over formats, including paperbacks and hardcovers, according to an industry report released this week.

E-book sales totaled $90.3 million in February, up 202 percent compared to the same month a year earlier, according to a study from the Association of American Publishers. That put e-books at No. 1 “among all categories of trade publishing” that month — the first time e-books have beaten out traditional publishing formats.

But an AAP representative noted that the report comes with some big caveats. First, the net sales data are compiled from publishers, not from book retailers like Barnes & Noble. Publishers submit that data voluntarily, and some choose not to do so.

“It’s not 100 percent, top to bottom, every single book out there,“ said AAP spokeswoman Andi Sporkin. “But it’s a really good snapshot of what’s going on.“

The AAP report attributed February’s strong numbers to a post-holiday e-book buying surge by consumers who received e-readers devices as gifts.

Back in January, Amazon reported that its own e-book sales topped paperbacks. Its Kindle largely paved the way for the dedicated e-reader market.

Beyond the Kindle, other e-readers include the Barnes & Noble Nook, the Sony Reader, and Borders’ Kobo. Apple’s iPad is also driving digital book sales.

Those devices are changing the way booksellers view the industry. Earlier this month, Barnes & Noble executive Marc Parrish forecast that traditional book retailers have just two years to adapt to an e-book-centric industry.

“The book business is changing more radically now, and quicker, than movies or music or newspapers have, because we’re doing it in a matter of months,“ Parrish said at GigaOm’s Structure Big Data conference in New York. “ [ The ] next 24 months is when this business will totally shift.“

Source:  http://chicagobreakingbusiness.com/2011/04/e-book-sales-top-paperbacks-for-first-time.html


2 Responses to E-Book Sales Top Paperbacks For First Time

  1. Another timely article. Part of my future biz plans include putting a book “out there” to intrigue prospects and the series of articles on this topic have been most helpful.

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