Legitimate Ways for Homepreneurs to Make Money

Despite difficult times, stay at home parents, the retired, and unemployed are finding ways to make extra money from home.  These homepreneurs do not involve mid-level-marketing or direct selling, but are full and part-time jobs based from home.  Many positions are found on the Internet most allow a flexible schedule and create work-home balance.

Choosing an appropriate opportunity requires common sense more than specific training or talents and experience in given areas.  In order to be successful, an individual should plan on working a couple of hours each day and be committed to the position.

Please refer to following list of Homepreneurs options:

Secret or Mystery Shoppers

Homepreneurs do not always “work” only at home.  Secret Shoppers visit assigned retail stores and act as average customers, writing confidential reports about their experience with employee customer service, product knowledge, and sales skills. The reports are typically in template format, with numbered ratings, and a comments sections.  Secret Shopper reports assist owners and managers in evaluating store staff and training needs.  Hired by a third-party organization, Secret Shoppers may also be asked to evaluate a store for cleanliness, organization, shopping or dining experience, and product selection.

Experience is not always necessary for these positions.  More important is an ability to read, speak, and write English (in some cases Spanish too), honesty, dependability, and ability to shop at specified store locations in a time range.  Common industries that use Secret Shoppers include:  Larger retail stores, airlines, and restaurants. To find out more about Secret Shoppers, please visit http://www.mysteryshop.org.

Virtual Assistants

Another excellent opportunity for homepreneurs is as a virtual assistant: “A virtual assistant (VA) is an individual who provides business support services in a variety of areas. They do not work out of your office, but work virtually for you from our company offices. Support service areas can include website development and maintenance, marketing, search engine optimization, content writing, graphic design and link building. A VA is not employed, but an independent contractor who provides services through our organization for a monthly retainer.” 1

Some skills and experience are often required for these positions:  Basic computer skills – Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  Advanced positions may require: Database maintenance and creation, web design, research, blog or website content writing.

Many websites claim to offer virtual assistant jobs and will gladly charge a fee for including you in their database of potential workers.  Please remember that you should not pay a company to list your qualifications.  Once placed – if as an independent contractor – a retainer charge may be required.  Other Virtual Assistant listing companies get paid by employers to locate qualified workers.  Be aware that a background check may also be required by the listing company.  Virtual Assistant appears is source of positions http://www.virtualassistant.org/ .  Again, please do independent research and verify their claims.

Become a Content / Web Writer

An increasingly common opportunity for those interested in writing or editing for others.  So called “ghost writers” provide content websites and blogs.  “The price range for this style of writing runs from 1 cent per word to several dollars per article. Beginning ghost writers may charge as little as $1 per article.” 2

Ghost writers may also be paid on an hourly basis or on commission, depending on the terms of the contract.  Experienced writers can expect to earn more. Important skills to have: Writing and editing skills, computer skills (Word), knowledge about specific topics (if writing for that area), research ability, and patience.

Also required are for starting content writer work:  A computer and Internet connection, a PayPal account or credit card or bank account.  Most website content / articles are between 300-500 words each; keyword density and formatting needs will be part of the contact terms.  Be sure to understand exactly what the requirements and due dates.  An informational site:  http://www.exquisitewriting.com/freelance-ghostwriter-hire/


As discussed in a previous article on homepreneurs, money can be made from blogging.  By itself, blogging won’t lead to huge success, but can yield a smaller stream of income while providing a stepping stone to careers such as ghost writing, eBooks, editing, etc.  Articles on a blog can be used in your writing portfolio and lead to bigger and better writing opportunities.  If done correctly, well-received blog posts on specific topics may be combined into a book, as written in a previous article on homepreneurs.

Further, blogs can provide additional money via advertising and by using Google’s Adsense.  After having 10-15 posts on your blog, submit an easy application at www.google.com/adsense. Once  approved, add some Google-provided script to your blog and Google will automatically display ads related the blog’s theme.   A blogger makes money by when the adds are clicked on (pay-per-click or ppc) by a visitor.  An individual click may not pay well, but a total of hundreds of clicks can bring in a nice amount.  These clicks can be passive income:  A blogger produce the code or advertising, it is automatically done by Google’s program.  Make money at any time of day, whenever an article is read and a link clicked.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing or referred selling is another way for homepreneurs to make money from web sites or blogs.  Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice where business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s (your site/blog) own marketing efforts.  Many companies have an affiliate program and will pay people to advertise their products.  These companies will provide a banner or text ad using programming code that you insert in your website or blog.  In return, you will receive a percentage of the product(s) sold.  A key point to remember is to align your target market with a potential advertising client.  A company specializing in linens won’t want to advertise on a blog dedicated to sports.

Here are three sites that may help you with affiliate marketing:




Many opportunities, small and potentially large, exist for Homepreneurs.  Some provide passive income – affiliate marketing – others via more directly.  None of these is a get-rich quick scheme, but can provide needed additional income, especially as a second job or for the stay at home or unemployed.  As always, it is strongly recommended that research and homework are done prior to signing up for any opportunity!

By Dion D Shaw
Dion Shaw is the founder and owner of homepreneurs.

1) http://www.virtualassistant.org/
2) http://www.ehow.com/facts_4899931_how-much-does-ghostwriter-paid.html


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