Weekly Homepreneurs Recap – February 21-25, 2011


Monday – Finding and Keeping Customers – Part 1

Want to start a business?  Do you know your target market or what customers want?  These questions require careful and thorough research.  This post discusses the importance of conducting data collection before starting or buying an existing business.

Tuesday – Tips for Creating a Successful eBay Storefront

Sarah Kessler’s article on 8 Tips for Creating a Successful eBay Storefront is one of the most popular postings on Homepreneurs.  Kessler covers customer service to branding and the importance of starting slowly.  eBay is an excellent opportunity for part-time work and is quite simple to set up and start with almost no initial capital.

Wednesday – Finding & Keeping Customers – Part 2

The second part of this series covers researching data and the importance of knowing how and what information to look at. 

Thursday – Business While Still Employed

Considering employment while working full time?  This post covers 9 tips for starting a business while you are still employed.  Good reading if you are considering leaving a job to start your own business.

Friday – Reasons Not To Launch A Startup

Susan Payton’s article on 4 Reasons Not to Launch a Startup provides valuable insight into the potential drawbacks encountered when considering a new venture.  Read this article before making a critical career decision!


By Dion D Shaw

Dion Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs.


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