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February 16, 2011

I started Homepreneurs in the fall of 2010 following a year of personal unemployment.  I volunteered, did some temporary work, and searched for jobs every single day, all day.  During that period, jobs were lost at a rate of 500,000 per month or so, and the US economy has yet to recover from the long-term unemployment problem.

I searched and hoped that a web site existed that provided pointers to work from home positions – either full-time or part-time.  Unfortunately, all I was able to find were questionable positions involving “mystery shoppers”, “survey takers”, and “I went from bankruptcy and foreclose to making $200k a year!”  Virtually all either required payment up front for training – a big red flag – or involved a pyramid scheme of sorts.

I was fortunate and found employment with a company that treats me decently and provides full benefits as an employee. My pay and position are considerably less than before, but appropriate for the job duties and the company is well-run and well-managed.  Friends and associates of mine have not been as lucky, however.  Some are losing unemployment benefits after two years or more of frustration.  These people want to work but the positions just don’t exist or the competition is too intense.

Nothing compares to watching friends and family lose their homes, lifestyles, and promising futures.  I wanted to help in any way I could, by passing along opportunities and connections.  This was the main reason behind Homepreneurs: I make no money from this blog, I don’t sell a product, I don’t (and won’t) sell names to spammers.  I try to help those a little less fortunate with finding employment and getting their lives back on course.

I do the looking and homework for you and pass along what I believe are legitimate work from home opportunities.  Here are some more for today from:

Companies that contract with transcriptionists:

*  General Transcription

A Transcription 2000 Services, Inc.

Accutran Global

Cambridge Transcription

Domenichelli Business Services

Morningside Partners, LLC

Mountain West Processing

Net Transcripts



The Transcription Company


Verbal Ink

*  Legal Transcription


Neal R. Gross


TASK Document Services


I have not researched these and I strongly urge you to use caution and common sense.  Good luck and best wishes to you!

By Dion D. Shaw
Dion Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs


6 Responses to Job Postings at Homepreneurs

  1. Hi Dion,

    This is a great list of transcription companies you have listed here for job seekers. Verbal Fusion is another general transcription company to consider adding to your list. We are always looking for smart, savvy, and skilled transcriptionists to transcribe audio and video from home. Our website is

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