How to Achieve Your Sales Goals

When defining the sales goals for your small business this year, it’s up to you to decide what your targets will be. Set a fresh goal this January to motivate yourself to try new sales tactics and expand your market.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you set your financial goals and targets:

1. What sales goal do I want to accomplish this year?
Avoid using the same goals from last year. Anthony Iannarino, president and chief sales officer for SOLUTIONS Staffing, a regional staffing service in Columbus, OH, suggests that you ask yourself the following:

* What clients do I want to win?
* What areas of my performance do I want to improve?
* A year from now, how will I judge whether I had a successful year?

2. What do I have to do to reach these goals?
After you determine your financial goals, break the monetary amount into monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Create a graph to make it easier to visualize your target amounts. An online search of “sales goal setting software” can help you to organize your goals. As you design your graph, continue to think about how your strategy will meet or exceed these goals.

3. Where can I control spending?
Examine your costs to make sure that you’re not spending money that could be invested in a smarter way. Do you have any service contracts that are expiring? Perhaps you can negotiate a better rate or find a new vendor. Is there software that you can replace with a more affordable version, such as cloudsourcing? Any money that you save can be considered a bonus. Think of ways to reinvest it in your business or reward your staff for their hard work.

4. Who can I ask for help?
To meet or exceed your sales goals, you need to have the right sales team. If you have several people on your team, make sure you are assigning each person to the right task. If you run a one-person show, ask for assistance. Perhaps a consultant can help you decide how to better allocate your resources. Do you need an expert’s help with a specific subject matter to improve your chances of winning a client?

Be consistent. Following through on every task to avoid problems that can pop up later. Every obstacle that you encounter should be studied thoroughly before you develop a plan of attack.

By Judith Aquino

January 13, 2011



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