Picture This Home Job!

Amateur photographer?  Novice?  Semi-professional shutterbug?

We have some wonderful, little or no cost opportunities here with possible additional income using the same base set of pictures.  How do we know this?  Because we’ve actually started a business using this idea that we will share with you here.

I like to take pictures on  vacations, of nature, and unusual places.  I’m not  a professional at all; this is just an enjoyable hobby for me.

Niagara Falls – copyright, Fotos by Dion’

I thought why not take advantage of this activity and share my photos and make some  additional income in the process?  This business is easily done on a part-time basis or as a supplement to retirement income.

These are the steps I’m going to take:

Post this photo and others at www.fotosearch.com, www.fotolia.com, and www.canstockphoto.com.  These sites evaluate and accept pictures (for free); if approved, add them to stock photo databases.  Users search for desired pictures and buy from stock; photographers receive a royalty payment for each download.  Cost?  Zero.  Nothing.

I will eventually set up a website for displaying and selling my photos.  I will offer them in various sizes and perhaps optional matting and/or framing.

Cost?  Web hosting will cost around $20 per month including hosting, domain name, and secure shopping cart.  Shop around the Internet for the best price.  Matting and framing add cost; buy in bulk  for better pricing.

Finally, I intend to sell my product a local craft or art fairs.  I will offer various sizes, depending on the image, matted pictures, perhaps a few framed shots, and maybe even a set of bundled postcards or note cards with the images.

Cost?  Craft fair tables range from $20 to $250 depending on size, location, and quality of the show.  As above, matting and framing will vary by size, quality, and bulk purchases.

Finally, for more exposure, negotiate with local offices, hotels, and restaurants to display your product.  Always have contact information with your product: name, phone number, email or website.

As noted in a earlier post, do market research for appropriate pricing and the best shows to display your product.


– by Dion D. Shaw

Dion Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs.


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