Clever Marketing Idea

Over the weekend we were fortunate to attend a wonderful craft and art fair in Galena, Illinois.  In upcoming posts, this blog will feature a few artists and stories of turning hobbies into dreams and successful businesses.

I wanted to share a related clever marketing idea our Galena hotel has implemented.  In each guest room, a different stuffed animal was placed on the bed and offered for sale.  The plush bears, wolves, and cats, are produced by a family-owned company:  Pricing was quite reasonable – $19.95 – and each one was furry, fluffy, and cute!

According to the web site, the company started as a home business – garage actually – and has grown to a world-wide producer.

Purr-Fection by MJC, is a family business that was founded back in 1987 in the garage of Marty Castro Sr., with a simple mission of providing superb quality plush products at an excellent value. Fast forward to 2010 and Purr-Fection by MJC is still a family owned and operated business. With worldwide manufacturing and distribution in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Australia, this family business has come a long way since the days in the garage. Over the years, our line of products have expanded, changed and evolved but some things have always remained constant: Our commitment to customer service, on time delivery and providing the world with the cutest, softest plush toys on the planet. Everyone on our team is committed to your success. We understand that in today’s market we must earn the right to your business every day. We hope you enjoy our 2010 collection and thank you for choosing Purr-Fection by MJC.”

In less than 25 years, Purr-Fection started on a very basic level and has evolved to a significant competitor in its market niche.  Some of this can certainly be credited to clever marketing and distribution channels: tradeshows, online sales, a distributor network, and of course, direct marketing via hotel display!

The lesson here is simple:  In order to grow and compete, a company of any size must think creatively and use multiple methods to expose its product line.


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