Office Software Applications for Free

WARNING: Read this article only if you want to save money on basic software for your business.

For those of us involved in small business ventures, expenses are an ongoing concern. One easy way to save hundreds to thousands of dollars in software expenses is to take advantage of the increasingly common and available Open Source software options.

You may have heard of Linux or Gimp (a PhotoShop-like program) or MySQL (database) โ€“ each of these is an General Purpose License (FREE) product that rivals its competitors. While some of these products are preferred by more advanced users, the most common programs used are discussed below.

We realize that almost everyone is familiar with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and the common user interface in the picture below:

Does Word’s interface resemble the image above? This is OpenOffice’s Writer product. All common features and interfaces are much like their counterparts in the MS Office suite.

โ€œThe most widely used alternative to Microsoft Office is an open-source program called OpenOffice, which is sponsored by Sun Microsystems. OpenOffice is an entire office collection that consists of a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, database, and some other applications. It also features Base as an alternative to Access, along with two additional applications – Draw and Math.

OpenOffice tries to match all the major features of Microsoft’s program. OpenOffice can read files created in Microsoft Office, and it can create new files that can also be opened by Microsoft Office or specific files that can only be open in OpenOfficeOrg. Therefore, you could take home spreadsheets created at work using Excel, and edit them on your home computer without having to buy Office, or you can create Microsoft Office files at home and take them to work.โ€ 1

The cost for this? FREE. Read that line again: the charge for these necessary programs is NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH, ZIP. FREE.

The latest versions of the product include compatibility with Office 2007 suite and XML support. Multiple languages are also a feature available in all versions of OpenOffice.

One drawback of the OpenOffice suite is lack of an email client and organizer similar to Outlook. Other free programs are available for email and will be discussed in a future post.

Convinced? For more information and to download the products, go here:

By the way, this entire article was written using Open Office Writer.


By Dion Shaw

Dion Shaw is the founder and owner of homepreneurs


This article represents the opinion of the author and Homepreneurs. Neither the author nor Homepreneurs is affiliated with Sun Microsystems or any other open source developer or distributor, and receives no pay orย  compensation in any way, shape or form for this article.



11 Responses to Office Software Applications for Free

  1. MozyMan says:

    I often enlighten clients to open source software. People are tired of paying money for software..over and over again. Open source applications are the way to go for any individual or business owner.

  2. Jason says:

    Have you ever considered SSuite Office as a free alternative software provider ?

    No trials, no registering your personal information, no strings attached at all. Just free office software. ๐Ÿ˜€ { }

  3. This is such a fantastic information as it is required to every women because they are fond of such a typical dressing sense as they look gorgeous.This blog is well appreciated by not only woman but men also.thanks for giving a great information to us.

  4. jodie_microsoft_smb says:

    Another free option is Office Web Apps – web-based versions of MS Word, Excel, PP and OneNote. This link will help:

    Jodi E.
    MS SMB Outreach Team

  5. Datenrettung says:

    OpenOffice is really superior!

  6. I like this website. Do you guys have a twitter I could follow to make it easier to follow your updates? I’m not so good with this internet stuff. Thanks!

  7. Microsroft Office is still the best program when it comes to spreadsheet and word processing.-*

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