Free blog hosting services

It is increasingly easy to post a blog online for free.  Several sites provide this service and bloggers can often earn money via advertising and referrals just by posting an opinion, ideas or information.  We will examine and discuss the earning potential topic in an upcoming post.

Here are a few common and popular web links to FREE blog sites:
Some of these sites have restrictions on content – no porn or defamation – but open to any other blogs; others will use their own advertising to pay for overhead related to providing free storage space on the Internet.

These services are a wonderful way to get noticed on the Internet and provide publicity to a product, service or information.  If one has expertise in a certain area, blogging is a way of passing along that knowledge.  If one wishes to drive traffic and viewership, post often and with relevant content.

Words of caution though: Any written content placed on the Internet can be searched by employers or authorities and potentially used against you.  Anonymity is at risk; use caution and prudence when blogging.  Also, blogs are not the always the best way to sell a product, if intended.  A more secure and controlled way is via a web site and virtual storefront.


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