More Work at Home Options

One of the main goals of this blog is to provide you with home career options – refer to our mantra – New Day. New Opportunity

As promised we post possible options on a regular basis.  Today we present more choices with brief descriptions and links to additional information.  None of these are gimmicky or bogus; we provide this information for free.  As ones who experienced unemployment on different occasions, we are driven to help others in similar situations.  As always, we invite feedback, comments, and suggestions for other positions.

1)      Mystery Shopper – this industry has seen explosive growth in the last decade or so as stores attempt to objectively evaluate their products and services.  This position seldom requires a college degree, but one interested may benefit from specialized training classes and solid reporting skills.  Transportation for visiting locations is needed, though public transportation is often a good alternative, if available.  Though a computer and word processing software at home is desirable, local libraries can provide a cost-effective and convenient alternative.  For more information, please see the Mystery Shopping Providers Association:

2)      E-Zine Writing and Publication – currently over 100,000 e-zines exist and are distributed to millions of readers on a regular basis.  These statistics are impressive and may seem overwhelming, yet opportunity exists for new start ups.  The key routes to success are to serve a well-researched and defined market niche, provide valuable insight and informative content unavailable elsewhere, and by doing so, creating a large enough subscription base that appeals to advertisers.

A second method for building this type of business is as an e-zine provider for other business owners, associations, clubs, non-profits or any group that wants to provide information to their client and/or member base.  As a provider, one can work with a few basic templates using common word processing software. Desktop publishing programs are also a good investment.  Typical skills and/or experience required include writing, editing, layout, and publishing.

Links for more information: and

3)      Online Researcher – does the Internet serve as a hobby and a social outlet for you?  Do you enjoy surfing and learning?  Why not turn that hobby into a business for yourself as a researcher?  Small businesses, students, professionals, writers, and anyone that needs information but has limited time is a potential client.  Billing rates vary by industry, expertise, experience, market size and other factors.  Basic rates can be expected at $30 an hour or so.  Requirements for this position include reliable computer and Internet service and a way to back up data, either with an external hard drive or with an offsite backup service.  For more information on this business, visit, the Association of Internet Researchers.

By Dion Shaw

Dion Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs


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