Establishing Your Home Workspace – Part 1

This is an excerpt from Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Homebased Business Handbook by James Stephenson and Rich Mintzer available from Entrepreneur Press .

Every business that is operated or managed from home will require some sort of workspace, but not all will require an office in the traditional sense. If you operate a freelance photography business, for example, your main workspace in the home may be your darkroom. If you operate an automotive paint shop, then chances are your workspace will be the garage or a freestanding shop out back. If you operate a dental practice from home, then your workspace will probably be a portion of your home used for a waiting room, a treatment room, and an office. In other words, workspace requirements will vary depending on the business you choose to operate.

While helping you determine your needs so that you can create the right home workspace for your business, this chapter is broken into sections to help you establish your home workspace step by step:

  1. Selecting your workspace based on your need
  2. Planning your workspace
  3. Renovating your workspace
  4. Equipping your workspace
  5. Making your workspace secure and safe
  6. Providing your workspace with furniture, equipment, and supplies
  7. Building a positive image for your new business

Working full or part time in the home requires much thought to create a working environment that is suitable for your business and in balance with the needs of your family.

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