Social Networking

We have some basic tips for your social networking efforts:

1) Sign up for a Facebook account and/or pages for your business

2) Create a Twitter account for your business

3) Look at LinkedIn for good business networking

These are the current major social network accounts in the United States.  Other popular outlets include Ning, Bebo, and MySpace.  Many other social network accounts are in popular use around the world – look at Wikipedia for examples of popular social networking sites by country.

The best feature of these accounts is the free cost.  These sites should definitely be an early part of your marketing campaign and are examples of how some of the best publicity is easily obtained and most are FREE.  Consider registering these sites at the same time as your business domains and blogs.  Lock the names up before someone else grabs your ideas and capitalizes on it.

Before we started entering content for Homepreneurs, we registered our domain name – popular  registrars include: and .   We also grabbed Twitter, Facebook, and Ning accounts.  While our Twitter account has been active for months and includes over 5000 followers, we have yet to activate our Facebook and Ning accounts, but at least have the names when the time is right.


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