Marketing and Goodwill

Remember Kate of KTCakes?  She has a little start up home business profiled in this post – – a couple of weeks ago.

Kate was hard at work today baking this wonderfully edible creation:

This cake will be donated as a raffle gift for a local Autism Awareness Fundraiser.  Why is this notable?  For one, it is a generous gift for a worthy cause; two, the positive publicity created for KTCakes is potentially huge.  Many people will attend this event and certainly several will pick up a business card or two for KTCakes.  And that generates buzz for the business and potential sales down the road.  The return may not be immediate, but spreading the name around and attaching it to a tangible product is the best marketing tool – ever.

When at a crossroads for marketing ideas, providing a good or service for a charity may spark new business.   Even if not, the donation to this cause is reward enough by itself.  Oh, and the total cost for making this wonderful cake?  $15.00 – hardly a major hit to the marketing budget.

KTCakes can be found by searching Facebook for KTCakes.


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