Creating Text Web Pages or Blog Posts

Two primary ways exist for posting text on most web pages:  Typing directly into the page editor or cutting and pasting from a text program.

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to post text, both methods work and have advantages and issues.

Trial and error has proven to us that the preferred way is to use Notepad for composing, followed by cutting and pasting the text onto a page.  The reasons for this are simple: Notepad is a basic editing program with virtually no formatting.  By contrast, Microsoft Word uses serious formatting, some obvious and some not.   This formatting may cause problems when cutting and pasting into certain web blogs or pages.

If one is not comfortable with the cut and paste process or wishes to make quick and immediate changes on a page, type directly into the page space instead.  Be aware that this may cause formats (e.g. font types and size) to appear different than the existing page content.  It can be quite time-consuming and frustrating to resolve these formatting issues.  Here are some tips:

1) Type directly into a web page

– Select the target page from the page navigation bar and the page will open – A page title is typically at the top and you may add a text box or start typing directly on the page.

– If using a text box, click on the existing words or in the box to add text

– Start typing the desired text into the above box

– To ensure font size and type are the same, hold down the cntrl and ‘A’ keys to select all text and change as desired

2) Cut and paste from a word processing program such as Word, Notepad or Wordpad

– Open Notepad or other word processor

– Start typing the desired text into the editor

– Save the text when finished

– Click on “edit” at the top menu and “select all” to select all text in the editor

– With the highlighted text, click on “edit” and “copy” from the menu

– Paste the text into the web page either by using “ctrl-V” or right click and “paste” in the active box

When complete, use the publish feature to place the blog post or web page on the Internet.  Remember to always proofread, proofread, proofread! If you are selling a product or service, first impressions make a BIG DIFFERENCE.  Don’t lose potential customers or sales because of laziness or inattentiveness to your writing.


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