A New Start Up – KTCakes

I am very fortunate to have a beautiful and hard-working step-daughter.   Kate works a full-time job, raises small children, and recently started her own side business:  KTCakes .  Kate has a talent for creating delicious and unique cakes and decided to start a business with the tagline “Homemade Cakes for any Occasion.”   Only a couple weeks old, she already has multiple orders and hasn’t spent any money on marketing.  Kate used these basic marketing ideas:

1) A free Facebook page to display her products

2) Ordered free business cards from VistaPrint

3) Gave family and friends a quantity of these cards to hand out

4) Is making a cake for a charity raffle in return for some free p.r.

5) Made a cake for the manager of a local restaurant

Five simple, basic marketing steps, and KTCakes already has orders.   Here are some examples of her work:

Yes, you can start a business for very little money.  A little creativity, some original thinking, and all the free resources you can find.   Well, what are you waiting for – get started – TODAY!

If you live in N Illinois, search for KTCakes on Facebook.  They deliver too!


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